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Nate Hastings Enlists Audra In His Long Game For Newman

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, May 24, 2023, brings Nate letting Audra in on his plans.

nate hastings talks with audra on the young and the restless recap for may 24, 2023.Nate Hastings let Audra in on his plans.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Nate Hastings letting Audra in on his long-term plan for Newman Enterprises.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Victoria gained Nikki’s support, and later she and Adam (Mark Grossman) anticipated their upcoming business clashes. Summer apologized to Kyle, and she let Daniel know she wasn’t at all happy with him. Jack and Ashley clashed, and Diane stunned him by taking up for his sister after she announced her engagement to Tucker. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Hastings Makes Victoria Glow

At her office, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) talked business, and Nikki wondered what gave her daughter such a glow. Ultimately, Nikki brought up Elena storming out, and Victoria admitted what had happened. She said she wasn’t proud she and Nate had hurt Elena. Also, her glow was all about Nate being part of her life.

Victoria begged Nikki to just be happy for her. She was tired of hearing everyone’s concerns. However, Nikki reminded her daughter of her past with men, but Victoria didn’t want to listen. Ultimately, Nikki said she supported Victoria, who was happy to hear that her mom was finally on her side.

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Victoria ran into Adam (Mark Grossman) at Society, and they traded barbs about business. She let her brother know that Newman was a threat to McCall. Adam realized Victor had warned Victoria, and she said their father had wanted her to take pity on Adam and McCall. He begged to differ, but Victoria confidently declared that Newman Media would roll over Adam and his ramshackle company.

victoria and adam talk up their business war on young and the restless.
Victoria and Adam Newman anticipate their upcoming war.

Adam looked forward to proving Victoria wrong, and she looked forward to the bump in the road Adam would be for her. She let her brother know he was too emotional, which wasn’t good for business. Adam reminded her he’d been head of Newman Media, and she said perhaps their battle could be fun.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Hastings Strategizes

Audra (Zuleyka Silver) and Nate (Sean Dominic) met in a room in the Genoa City Athletic Club. He told her there were too many ears listening in the office. He had news just for Audra. Nate wondered why Audra sent Elena to Newman Enterprises, and Audra said she’d only listened. He let Audra know that Elena quit the podcast, and she told him to stop beating himself up.

Nate told Audra that Nick worried he was gunning for his job, and Audra said Nick was good at figuring out Nate’s agenda despite the fact that Nate truly had feelings for Victoria. She reminded Nate that emotions could get in his way, and Audra said she would watch his back. Nate said he’d already let Victoria know that he wanted to work by her side and that she didn’t have a problem.

nate hastings tells audra his long-term plan on young and the restless.
Nate Hastings lets Audra in on his plan on Young and the Restless.

Audra was happy to hear it, and Nate said he hadn’t been pushy. She confessed that she’d told Victoria she wanted Nate’s job, and Nate admitted that Victoria had told him, which surprised Audra. Nate let Audra know that a showdown between Adam and Victoria was coming.

Audra was thrilled because she knew everything about McCall. She was prepared to go full speed ahead, but Nate wanted to slow down and spend time getting to know Victoria and help when trouble came.

Young and the Restless: Making Up Is Hard To Do

Summer and Kyle (Michael Mealor) shared a meal at the GCAC and discussed Harrison’s summer plans. Things were awkward between them, and Summer apologized. He wasn’t sure why she was sorry, and Summer admitted it was because of the tension over Diane. She said she was wrong to shut him out.

Kyle said it hurt, but he knew that she was hurting more. He reminded her that Phyllis was alive and that she could let go of the pain. However, Summer didn’t know how to do that, and she said she was afraid for Phyllis’s future. They talked, and Kyle got a call that he stepped away to take.

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Daniel (Michael Graziadei) walked up, and Summer didn’t want to talk, but he insisted. Kyle walked back to the table with Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant). She told Kyle she was sorry for what Phyllis and Jeremy did to Diane. Kyle appreciated it, and Lucy admitted she missed Phyllis. Even so, she wasn’t thrilled about what her grandma had done.

summer is upset with daniel on young and the restless.
Summer isn’t happy with Daniel Romalotti.

Daniel asked Kyle to show Lucy where the spa was, and he took her. Summer couldn’t believe that her brother had told Lucy. He insisted that telling the truth was right, but Summer didn’t agree since Phyllis was at risk of life in prison or on the run. Daniel said that Diane would be free, but Summer didn’t think it was a fair trade. She told Daniel he made everything worse.

Kyle returned, and Daniel left after telling Summer he wanted to talk again, and Kyle noticed the tension between Summer and her brother. He wondered when Summer would give Daniel a break, and she said she wasn’t giving him one. Summer tried to leave, but Kyle said she was shutting him out again.

Summer’s phone rang, and she wanted to take it, but Kyle couldn’t imagine what could be more important than their discussion. She answered the phone, but whoever it was hung up. Kyle angrily left to go to the office. Summer got a text from an unknown number to meet in an hour, and Summer said it had better be her mom.

Y&R Recap: Chaos

Jack (Peter Bergman) and Tucker (Trevor St. John) continued arguing at the Abbott mansion, and Jack demanded to know where his sister was. Tucker guaranteed to make Jack’s life a living hell if he hurt Ashley (Eileen Davidson), and Jack didn’t appreciate being threatened.

Ashley walked in and told her brother to stop shouting. They argued, and ultimately Jack put Ashley on notice over trying to pull off a coup at Jabot. Ashley said she wasn’t going to let Diane drag down their family, and Diane walked in, insisting it all stop. She was tired of the house being a battleground.

Ashley wasn’t going to back down, though. She suggested Diane and Jack move into the pool house. Jack said she’d been away for years, and Jack said he’d managed and maintained the house during that time — for years. Once again, Jack told Ashley to rethink arrangements since Diane was part of the family, and she dropped the bombshell that Tucker was her fiancé.

ashley, tucker, jack, and diane fight on young and the restless.
Ashley Abbott, Tucker, Jack, and Diane argue.

Neither Jack nor Diane believed Ashley, but she insisted it was true. Jack assumed it was a game, but Ashley said he was being offensive. Jack could believe that Ashley would consider marrying Tucker, and she said she believed that he truly changed. Jack insisted that Tucker was conning her, but Ashley made him stop. Ashley and Tucker left after Ashley asked Diane to hold onto the bridal magazines for her.

Jack ranted to Diane about the situation. She reminded him that they were in love at least, and Jack admitted maybe he’d been overly caught up in clearing Diane’s name. He still didn’t appreciate Ashley’s unrelenting attacks against Diane, and Diane said she could understand since Ashley didn’t know that Phyllis was alive.

Jack said that Ashley was wrong, but Diane said Ashley had every right to be angry over all the things Diane had done. She hoped, though, that one day they’d all be one big happy family, and Jack called her a marvel for being so generous with Ashley.

At Chancellor Park, Ashley ranted about Jack, and Tucker said he was glad they were engaged. Ashley thanked Tucker for giving her the idea, and he wondered if she was playing games with him. Ashley insisted that she saw the good in him, and Tucker wondered if she really loved him like she’d said at the house.

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