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Nate Hastings And Victoria Newman Seal The Deal In Los Angeles

The Y&R recap for Monday, May 1, 2023, brings Nate Hastings and Victoria Newman giving in to temptation.

nate hastings and victoria newman kissing on young and the restless recap on may 1, 2023.Nate Hastings crossed the line with Victoria on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Nate Hastings and Victoria Newman finally crossing the line at long last during their trip to Los Angeles.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Audra lets Elena know she’s been played for the fool, and Elena seems hellbent on revenge. Speaking of revenge, Ashley suggests that she and Billy oust Jack (Peter Bergman) from Jabot over his Diane obsession. Tucker gets under Jack’s skin, and Michael and Jack go to great lengths to prove Diane’s innocence. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Hastings In L.A.

In Los Angeles, Nate (Sean Dominic) waited for Victoria (Amelia Heinle) at a table. He texted her, and she finished getting ready to meet him. He greeted her when she arrived, and they talked about the day’s agenda.

They continued talking, and things turned to podcasts. Nate said he felt lonely and listened to sleepy podcasts. Victoria couldn’t imagine him feeling lonely, but he said his new life stage left him lonelier than he used to be. Victoria got it, and Nate appreciated that.

As the business talk continued, Victoria mentioned she had a book she wanted him to look at, and Nate suggested they go up to her room to get it together.

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Back in Genoa City at Crimson Lights, Audra (Zuleyka Silver) noted that Elena (Brytni Sarpy) seemed to be in a good mood, and Elena admitted things with her and Nate had improved. She talked about their upcoming dream vacation together as Audra listened. Elena declared she was finally in a place to trust Nate.

elena and audra talk at crimson lights on young and the restless.
Elena and Audra talk about Nate Hastings on Young and the Restless.

Audra pointed out Nate was on a business trip to L.A., and Elena said how lucky Nate was to have Audra to look after things. Of course, Elena noticed that something was wrong with Audra, and she wondered what.

Audra dropped the bombshell that Nate went there with Victoria. Elena was stunned, and she revealed that Nate had point-blank told her he was going alone, but Audra revealed that the plan was always for the two to go together. Audra even mentioned that she wanted to tag along, but Nate nixed that idea.

“What an ass,” Audra said after going off on Nate for sneaking away with Victoria.

Elena asked Audra to stop. Audra apologized, but she continued talking about Nate and Victoria cheating. “I was dumb enough to trust him. I guess I just wanted to believe that we were going to be okay,” Elena said. She wondered if Audra thought Victoria and Nate had slept together the whole time.

At that, Audra suggested they take a step back, and maybe they were reading too much into it. Elena said that Nate was a liar no matter what was going on. Audra urged Elena not to beat herself up since Victoria was ruthless.

Elena insisted that she wasn’t a victim, and Audra pointed out that now Elena knew the truth about Nate. The jilted girlfriend cried about how she’d supported Nate even when he made the wrong decisions.

nate hastings and victoria do the deed on young and the restless.
Nate Hastings and Victoria seal the deal on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Hastings Crosses The Line

As Elena talked to Audra, Nate and Victoria began to make out in her room at L.A. passionately. The words she said about Nate played over scenes of him and Victoria making love. “I guess I just really wanted to believe that the Nate that I fell in love with still existed, but I should’ve known better, right?” After all, he’d betrayed everyone else in his life.

Audra wondered what Elena would do, and she didn’t know for sure. However, one thing Elena did know was that she wasn’t going to do nothing. Elena asked Audra to find J.T. Hellstrom.

Young and the Restless: All In The Family

At the Abbott mansion, Tucker (Trevor St. John) was disappointed to see Ashley (Eileen Davidson) up and ready for work. He’d tried to make her breakfast in bed. She left, and Jack walked into the room. Tucker offered him coffee.

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Jack asked Tucker why he was there, and he pointed out what a crisis the Abbotts were in. He was offended that Ashley had invited Tucker to live there. However, Tucker pointed out that he was as dedicated to family as Jack was, and he said he was there to repair his relationship with Devon.

Jack said that the only reason Tucker was there was to make his life hell, but Tucker said not everything was about Jack. However, Tucker insisted that he wanted to make a future with Ashley, and Jack didn’t buy it, so Tucker pointed out Ashley felt the same way about Jack and Diane.

Jack refused to let Tucker compare himself to Diane — after all, she’d truly changed, and Tucker hadn’t. As Jack left for work, Tucker told him that he was sorry for what Diane was going through, and Jack said, “I don’t give a damn.” Jack warned Tucker that there would be hell to pay if he ended up hurting Ashley.

Tucker insisted that he and Ashley had an epic love story, and he said he would prove himself to Jack. Jack said he loved Ashley and would always protect her, which Tucker said they had in common. “We should do this more often. I feel like we’ve bonded,” Tucker suggested, and Jack walked out without a word.

At Jabot, Billy (Jason Thompson) greeted Ashley, and they talked about how crazy things were with Diane. Billy encouraged Ashley to take it easy on Jack, but she wasn’t interested. Ashley warned Billy that Jack’s priorities were a threat to Jabot. She suggested that they get out ahead of the media frenzy over Diane’s charges.

Billy didn’t think they needed to worry about it, but Ashley disagreed. She insisted that Jack was being irrational, and she wanted to protect Jabot before it was too late. Ashley said Diane had her own agenda, and she wanted everything. She ranted about their brother being blinded to Diane’s agenda.

Billy wondered what they should do about it, and he wasn’t thrilled that Ashley wanted to convene the board to shut Jack down. He urged her to slow things and stop planning a coup. Billy said they weren’t going to force Jack out, but Ashley insisted the whole thing had to stop, and he pointed out it was more than business for her.

Ashley let Billy know that Jack tried to kick her out of the house three times, and Billy thought she was trying to kick him out of the company as payback. However, she said she wasn’t doing that, and she let Billy know that she’d invited Tucker to move in, and Billy wasn’t impressed. Ashley wondered if Billy wanted Diane to establish herself as queen of the household and Jabot.

Y&R Recap: Any Lengths

Jack met with Michael (Christian Le Blanc) at Society. He urged the lawyer to be proactive about Diane’s case. Michael wasn’t sure what Jack wanted him to do since Jeremy was dead. However, Jack insisted that he and Diane needed something to hold onto so they could hold out hope. Michael said they were behind the game with Jeremy, and he suggested they investigate the dead man.

jack and michael conspire to free diane.
Jack Abbott and Michael make defense plans.

They talked about phone records and a forensic accountant. Of course, Michael had a more difficult time ahead of them in getting Jeremy’s phone records legally…but he knew people. Jack urged Michael to do whatever it took to get things on Jeremy outside the law’s lines. Even so, Michael warned that pinning the crime on a dead man was not a good path to take.

Ultimately, Michael wanted to prove that the evidence against Diane was planted by a manipulative mastermind hellbent on revenge. Jack said they would find the answers. Tucker walked in, and Michael encouraged Jack to ignore Tucker, but Jack revealed that Tucker was living under his roof.

Michael urged Jack to focus on his priorities about Diane, and Jack said he was. Jack declared he wasn’t going to use any energy trying to save Ashley…instead, he was going to save Diane.

ashley and tucker try to get under jack's skin.
Ashley Abbott and Tucker try to get under Jack’s skin.

Ashely met Tucker at Society, and as she complained about Jack, Tucker told her to ignore him. Tucker told Ashley that he and Jack had a productive talk, but Ashley doubted it. She didn’t know what she could do to stop her brother from destroying their family. Tucker had an idea about what she could do, and they stood up and kissed and left to go to his suite as Jack looked on irritated.

However, Jack told Michael he wasn’t going to waste his time playing games with his sister when Diane needed him. Jack insisted they could find what they needed, and Michael promised to reach out to his contacts about security footage and phone records. No matter what it took, Jack was going to ensure that Diane didn’t have to go to trial.

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