Michael Baldwin Makes A Shocking Choice In Diane’s Case

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, April 18, 2023, brings a big dilemma for Michael Baldwin, and he makes a surprising move.

michael baldwin makes a surprising move with diane in the young and the restless recap for april 18, 2023.Michael chooses a side on Y&R.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings a big choice for Michael Baldwin as two of Genoa City’s most powerful men tried to tell him what to do.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Diane lost hope. Both Jack and Victor tried to tell Michael what to do regarding Diane’s case. Milton asked Nikki to run away with him. Allie and Noah returned to Genoa City, and she talked to Kyle while he talked to Summer (Allison Lanier). Christine and Chance strategized about the case, and later, he and Sharon shared a flirty moment. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Diane Jenkins Loses Hope

Jack (Peter Bergman) visited Diane (Susan Walters) at the jail. They were sad, and Jack wondered if he could get her anything. Diane reported that she wasn’t able to sleep. Ultimately, she coped by pretending it wasn’t happening. Diane hoped that they’d realize she wasn’t a murderer and let her go.

jack visits diane at jail on the young and the restless recap.
Jack tries to reassure Diane Jenkins.

She wondered if the arraignment was still that day, and she assumed she’d get bail. Of course, given her history, Jack reminded her that she might not get bail. Diane worried that she didn’t have a lawyer, and Jack said he’d asked Michael again. However, she said she didn’t want Michael or another lawyer who knew her. Diane cried that she couldn’t win, but Jack promised he’d be there with her through it all.

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She urged Jack to respect Michael’s decision, and then Diane cried about what a nightmare everything was. She just wanted to go home, and Diane cried about how Jeremy got the last laugh after they’d tried to set him up. Jack insisted that Diane trust him, and he said she wouldn’t pay for a crime she didn’t commit. The visit ended, and Jack promised he’d get her back home.

Young and the Restless Recap: Issues For Skyle

Kyle (Michael Mealor) wondered where Summer had slept. She said she’d fallen asleep with Harrison. He wondered if she was okay, and Summer said she wasn’t because all she could do was relive her mom’s last moments. She tortured herself with what happened.

Kyle admitted that he’d been looking up attorneys because they weren’t sure if Michael would represent Diane. She wasn’t pleased they’d asked Michael. Noah (Rory Gibson) and Allie (Kelsey Wang) walked in, and Summer hugged her brother as Allie and Kyle shared a look.

noah and allie return to help summer on the young and the restless recap.
Noah Newman and Allie give Summer their condolences.

Noah and Allie apologized for not being there. He asked about Diane’s arrest, and Summer said somebody had murdered her mom. Allie thought it was hard to believe. Summer insisted that all of the evidence pointed at Diane, but Allie said that Diane was too happy to do something like that. However, Summer wasn’t interested in hearing it.

Kyle tried to point out that the guilty party hadn’t been arrested, but Summer told him that he had to accept that Diane was guilty. Allie tried to talk to Summer about losing a parent, but Summer didn’t think it was similar. Noah asked Summer to go out to grab some food, and she happily accepted. They left, and Kyle and Allie talked about what a difficult situation he was in.

Kyle explained what happened between Diane and Jeremy. Allie wondered why Jeremy wouldn’t have killed Diane, and Kyle said that he wanted to watch Diane suffer. Of course, Summer wasn’t willing to listen.

Young and the Restless: Flirty Moments

Over a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights, Chance (Conner Floyd) talked Christine (Lauralee Bell) through the evidence he had. She said she didn’t want any surprises, and Chance couldn’t guarantee that. Christine said that Diane planned to plead not guilty and ask for bail. Neither thought she’d be granted it.

Christine told Chance they needed to keep all the avenues open so they weren’t accused of confirmation bias. He noted that Jeremy had much to gain from Phyllis’s death since he inherited half her money. Neither believed that Phyllis would marry Jeremy because she was afraid of Diane.

Christine wondered if retribution could be a motive. Chance thought it was, and they talked about the way that would’ve worked. Jeremy would’ve killed two birds with one stone if he killed Phyllis, framed Diane, and inherited the money.

Ultimately, all they had were theories, though, concerning Jeremy. Chance wondered if he should question him again, and Christine agreed it’d be worth a try. She wondered what they were missing. Chance got a call, and he let Christine know that Jeremy checked out of The Grand Phoenix after he got Phyllis’s assets, and nobody knew where he was.

Noah and Summer walked into Crimson Lights, and Sharon (Sharon Case) hugged her son and set them up in a quiet place. They went to sit down, and Chance walked up to Sharon. He reminded her that Summer had her brothers.

On the patio, Summer told Noah how important it was to love people while they were alive. She wanted Phyllis’s forgiveness, and she’d never get it. Noah wondered why Summer had the memorial so quickly, and she said she had her reasons. Summer promised she’d do something with Noah to honor Phyllis’s memory.

She went on about Diane killing her mom, and Noah said he was worried about her. Summer had to go to Diane’s arraignment, so she left. Kyle walked in, and Sharon directed him to the patio, but Summer was gone. Noah wondered if Kyle was as comfortable as he sounded, and he gave Kyle a reality check about the situation with Summer. Ultimately, even if Jeremy killed Phyllis, it was because of Diane and Summer wouldn’t forget that.

Inside, Chance worried about what was happening at the arraignment. Sharon said they’d likely tell him as soon as they knew. Chance wondered why Jeremy would go off the grid like this, and he apologized for boring Sharon. However, she was fascinated, admitting that Rey hadn’t talked about work. Chance also said he’d never talked to anybody about work before, and Sharon said she was a vault. They flirted a little.

Young and the Restless Recap: Michael Baldwin Decides

At Society, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) thanked Michael (Christian Le Blanc) for not representing Diane. Michael reminded Nikki that everyone deserved legal representation, and he told Nikki that Jack had asked him to represent her. Nikki was aghast at the thought of Michael representing the woman who killed one of his best friends.

She tried to tell Michael that he couldn’t take the case since he worked for Victor (Eric Braeden), but Michael insisted he was free to do what he wanted. Nikki railed about Diane being a murderer, and Victor walked up, wondering what was happening. Nikki told him, and Victor wondered if he wasn’t keeping Michael busy enough.

Jack came in, and Victor warned him not to keep Michael too busy since he was on Victor’s payroll. The Newmans left, and Jack let Michael know that Diane’s future was in Michael’s hands since they didn’t have an attorney.

Michael agreed that Jeremy framed Diane, but he said he couldn’t accept the case. Jack didn’t understand why, and Michael said because Phyllis was his and Lauren’s friend. However, Jack insisted that he had to take the case. Jack continued pleading with Michael to represent Diane, and he reminded the lawyer that the real killer was still on the streets.

Victor stared at Michael, and he told Nikki that he felt convinced Michael would do the right thing. After Jack left, Michael walked over to Victor’s table, and Victor pushed Michael to do the right thing, and he said he’d probably would. Michael left and walked outside to talk to Jack.

nikki firmly tells milton that she's happily married on the young and the restless recap.
Nikki Newman stays firm with Milton.

Nikki talked on the phone to Victoria, and Milton (Mo Rocca) walked up. She asked how his life was going, and Milton said he and his wife had divorced. Because of that, he reminded Nikki that if they ever had a chance, then this was it. Nikki let Milton know that he couldn’t talk to her like that. He suggested that they buy motorcycles, drive across the country together, camp, and play guitar. Nikki let him know that she didn’t play guitar. As she left, Milton declared Nikki a golden goddess.

Young and the Restless Recap: Michael Baldwin Takes A Side

Michael showed up at the jail to see Diane, and he said he had taken the case. However, Michael wasn’t pleased because Phyllis was gone. He required that Diane tell him the truth at all times, and she promised to give him that. Diane thanked him for taking her case.

Later, Michael, Jack, and Kyle were at the Abbott mansion. They ranted about Diane not getting bail. Michael told them she wouldn’t get it.

summer tells diane that she'll miss everything when she's convicted of murdering phyllis.
Summer tells off Diane Jenkins after she fails to get bail.

Back at the jail, Summer showed up to see Diane after the arraignment. Diane was glad she’d come, but Summer said she shouldn’t be. Summer told Diane that she was stuck in jail and would be found guilty, listing all the family celebrations she’d miss. Ultimately, that was exactly what Diane deserved for killing Phyllis…at least according to Summer.

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