Lily Winters Has Second Thoughts About Amanda’s Extreme Tactics

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, March 21, 2023, brings some second thoughts for Lily Winters.

young and the restless recap has lily winters having second thoughtsLily Winters starts to have regrets.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings Lily Winters having second thoughts about Amanda using such personal tactics against Devon during the arbitration.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Devon gets advice from Christine, but he struggles to follow it. Audra puts a bug in Elena’s ear about a possible way to come between Victoria and Nate, but Elena doesn’t want to play games. Victor lays it all on the line for Jill when it comes to finding capital for her company. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Lily Winters Feels Guilty

At the arbitration, Devon (Bryton James) expressed his surprise that Amanda (Mishael Morgan) accepted the case, but she thought it made perfect sense, given what she’d put into Chancellor-Winters. She told Devon it was a joke he touted Neil’s legacy as his reason for trying to get Hamilton Winters back. He wondered if she was there for revenge, but Amanda said she was there to see justice served, and seeing Devon lose was just a perk.

christine gives devon some last minute advice on young and the restless.
Christine gives Devon Hamilton some last-minute advice.

Christine (Lauralee Bell) showed up, and she told her client to go inside. She whispered to Devon that he couldn’t let them get under his skin, and he said he was merely letting them think that. Everybody walked in and sat down. Ms. Shannon wondered if everybody was ready to proceed, and Christine indicated they were, but Devon wondered where Jill (Jess Walton) was. Amanda noted that Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) was there to represent Chancellor-Winters.

Christine began her argument by noting that Hamilton Winters was started by Neil and Devon based on family. She claimed the company was a living monument for Neil and his family. Christine argued that Jill and Lily coerced Devon into merging based on his deep feelings about family, but they quickly tried to bring in outsiders with an initial public offering, which Devon didn’t want. All Devon wanted was Hamilton Winters — the company he created with his father.

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Amanda began creating her argument for Chancellor-Winters. She pointed out that the reasons Devon made his decisions were irrelevant because he’d signed a contract. Amanda said Devon wanted the court to help him breach that contract. She accused Devon of trying to go back on his word.

Amanda also pointed out that she’d been the attorney to initially review the deal Devon signed before she was official counsel for either side. She told Devon that he wasn’t allowed to change the rules in the middle of the game, and she blamed Devon for wanting to break the rules in a very pointed way.

Devon asked for a recess. Amanda and Lily ended up at Crimson Lights, and Lily admitted she felt torn about the case because she didn’t want to hurt Devon. She pointed out that Amanda was attacking Devon professionally as well as personally. Amanda said her job was to use everything to win the case.

lily winters worries about amanda sinclair's personal attacks on the young and the restless recap.
Lily Winters worries about Amanda’s personal attacks.

Lily wasn’t sure she wanted to win the way Amanda was going, but she said that Lily was the one who put in all the hard work. Amanda insisted that Devon was trying to rip away all of Lily’s hard work for selfish reasons, and she admitted that she was using their relationship implosion to her advantage, which Lily didn’t love. Amanda said Lily might be torn, but Jill wasn’t, and she intended to deliver.

Christine and Devon ended up at Society, and he apologized for calling a recess. He didn’t like seeing Amanda in person and her below-the-belt shots. Christine tried to calm down her client. Devon didn’t like that it seemed Amanda just wanted to watch everything he’d built burn to the ground. Christine told Devon it could hurt their case if Devon exploded during the arbitration.

Young and the Restless: A Surprising Offer

Victor (Eric Braeden) welcomed Jill to the ranch. She let him know she was late to the arbitration, and Victor declared his timing was perfect. Jill insisted Victor stop being so cryptic. He expressed his surprise that Jill and Lily had gone to war for Hamilton Winters. Jill explained that there wasn’t always a way to avoid it.

Jill pointed out that Devon accepted the merger knowing she’d have the final say, and she liked the way things were at Chancellor-Winters. Victor said he understood that, but he wondered how Katherine might feel about it. Jill didn’t appreciate Victor playing the “Katherine card.” She said she didn’t miss Katherine telling her how to run her business, though. Devon had no legal standing, but Victor wondered if it was worth the damage it’d cause to the personal relationships.

jill abbott listens to victor newman's surprising offer.
Jill Abbott listens to Victor’s surprising offer.

Victor had an alternative for Jill. He let Jill know that Devon didn’t like the IPO, and he accused her of not thinking things through, which offended Jill. Victor apologized, and he said that he knew Jill wanted to keep control of the company.

Victor suspected that Jill needed an influx of capital and offered her a way to allow them to maintain control without needing shareholders. Victor insisted that he couldn’t let what Neil and Devon had built destroyed because it was now his grandson’s legacy. Victor agreed to offer Jill the money she thought Chancellor deserved.

Y&R Recap: Intriguing Ideas

Nate (Sean Dominic) showed up at Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) office. She wanted to discuss Newman Media numbers, but he wanted to discuss the other night first. He worried it would change their work dynamic. Victoria insisted that it changed nothing.

To ease Nate’s fears, Victoria apologized for overstepping, but Nate told her he knew she didn’t mean the apology. Victoria agreed that she didn’t. She said they were adults who felt a spark, which she would’ve liked to explore. Victoria said that surely they could control themselves…somehow, despite their powerful attraction.

They talked finances, and Nate promised to go over the budget line by line, but Victoria wanted to do it together. However, Nate said he couldn’t focus due to the arbitration hearing between his cousins. Victoria understood why Nate wanted things to work out between his family members because it was powerful to have a united family.

Nate took responsibility for things not working out for his family in business, and Victoria hoped they would heal the rift. She also said that Nate’s moral compass was a nice change of pace, and she told him not to feel guilty about the situation with Devon and Lily.

elena asks audra where nate is on the young and the restless recap.
Elena Dawson agrees to get coffee with Audra.

Elena (Brytni Sarpy) showed up at Newman Media, and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) let her know Nate was in a meeting…with Victoria. Elena wasn’t thrilled, and Audra asked her to go for coffee. Once they got their drinks at Crimson Lights, Elena noted that she wasn’t jealous. Instead, she struggled with how much time Nate spent at work, and Audra understood.

However, Audra pointed out that she had some issues with Nate’s relationship with Victoria. She didn’t want to cross any lines or cause issues between Nate and Elena, but Audra said she thought Nate and Victoria’s relationship was a little deep, and she felt out of the loop at work with them. Audra let Elena know that Victoria and Nate were together constantly, and she sensed there was something more going on between them.

Elena admitted it was difficult to hear what Audra had to say, but she appreciated Audra’s honesty. She didn’t doubt what Audra told her, but Elena felt the whole thing didn’t make sense given how hard they’d worked to stick together. Elena also admitted that she and Nate had been in relationships when they got together, and she wondered what choice she should make about the whole thing.

Audra offered an idea to help Elena. She let Elena know that Victoria had a “colorful” past with her romantic partners. After going through several men Victoria had been with, Audra brought up J.T. (Thad Luckinbill). Elena knew the story even though she hadn’t met J.T., and it ended up being a brain tumor that caused his unusual behavior.

audra charles gives elena dawson a podcast idea.
Audra gives Elena an interesting idea about J.T. Hellstrom.

Audra suggested that Elena do a case study on J.T., and she let her know that J.T. was out of prison and had avoided Genoa City since his release. She suggested that Elena do a medical podcast about J.T. Elena didn’t want to exploit anybody for ratings, but Audra said that it would be healing for everyone.

As a bonus, Elena and Nate would work together, and Audra even pointed out that bringing J.T. around might have an impact on Victoria. Ultimately, Elena liked the idea and found value in educating people about how brain tumors could affect people. Of course, there was a downside because toying with people’s emotions to throw Victoria off of Nate wasn’t a game she wanted to play.

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