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Jeremy Stark Stuns The Gala With News Of His Marriage To Phyllis

The Y&R recap for Thursday, March 30, 2023, brings a shock from Stark.

the young and the restless recap for march 30, 2023 has shocking news for all at the gala from jeremy starkJeremy Stark shocked those at the gala with big news of his own.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday brings an absolutely stunning announcement from Jeremy Stark that he and Phyllis got married.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Phyllis collapsed, and Nate and Elena helped her until EMTs arrived. Summer (Allison Lanier), Daniel, and Kyle didn’t believe Jeremy’s announcement while Diane took her ring out of Phyllis’s limp hand. Jack seemed confused. Meanwhile, Tucker proposed to Ashley as a way to make Jack mad while Sally and Adam spent time together after Nick went to be with Summer. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Phyllis Summers Collapses

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) managed to get the crowd to clap reluctantly with her while everyone looked a little uncomfortable. Of course, she suggested Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack (Peter Bergman) were performing.

Sally (Courtney Hope) turned to Nick (Joshua Morrow) amid the chaos and suggested they leave and get a cheeseburger. Adam (Mark Grossman) seemed concerned, and he told Sharon (Sharon Case) that he was going to go.

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Daniel (Michael Graziadei) tried to get Phyllis to stop, and Jack suggested she listen to him. However, Phyllis screamed that she wouldn’t leave until she was ready. Phyllis hysterically appealed to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), and she tearfully claimed she’d lost everything due to Diane, who was as dangerous as she always has been.

Phyllis insisted that nobody was happy for Jack and that they were laughing at him. However, he let her know that her tirades weren’t welcome. Phyllis wondered if Diane was loving hitting the Abbott family jackpot.

Danny (Michael Damian) tried to intervene and get Phyllis to step outside. She got him to confirm that she’d changed, and he agreed. Phyllis claimed that she had no choice but to call out Diane, and she nearly fainted. Summer worried about Phyllis, and Diane called her out for being drunk, suggesting Phyllis go sleep it off.

A masked Jeremy (James Hyde) stepped into the room. Phyllis said she wasn’t drunk, and she told Diane she tried to apologize to her and got attacked instead. Jack told Phyllis to blame herself for her poor choices, and Summer asked her mom to stop while Daniel tried to get her to leave, again.

Phyllis wanted to toast them, and Jack told her they’d had enough of her hatred. However, she insisted that it was about love. Phyllis insisted she just wanted to protect her family, and she said she didn’t understand Jack having a relationship with a woman who’d abandoned their son. She cried that she would lay down her life for her children, but she was the bad guy.

daniel, summer, kyle, and sharon help after phyllis collapses.
Summer, Daniel, Kyle, and Sharon help Phyllis Summers after her collapse.

Phyllis insisted that Diane would hurt him and everybody else. She continued ranting, and then she got dizzy and collapsed in Daniel and Danny’s arms. Summer was worried, but both Diane and Gina (Patty Weaver) thought Phyllis was faking. Victor (Eric Braeden) declared something was up, and he left, telling Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) to keep him informed.

They ultimately called a doctor as both Summer and Daniel begged their mom to wake up while Sharon (Sharon Case) helped get her situated. Danny and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) couldn’t believe it. Michael (Christian Le Blanc) reminded everybody Phyllis was a fighter.

Young and the Restless: Jeremy Stark Fights For His Wife

Outside, Amanda (Mishael Morgan) called out both Devon (Bryton James) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) for lying about their sleeping together being a mistake. She warned Abby that Devon was a cheater.

amanda confronts abby and devon outside the gala.
Amanda Sinclair confronts Abby and Devon.

Devon asked Amanda to talk as she tried to leave. Abby also encouraged Amanda to listen to Devon, but she wasn’t having it. However, when Abby mentioned healing, Amanda relented, giving Devon three minutes. Abby left to give them some privacy.

Devon suggested they go inside to talk at the bar, but Amanda wasn’t impressed he remembered her favorite drink.

Earlier, inside near the bar, Nate (Sean Dominic) and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) danced happily, and they were shocked to see Devon and Amanda walk in. Amanda thanked Devon for the drink, and she was shocked when he told her he’d dropped the lawsuit. She wondered how he’d dropped it after everything got so personal.

Devon also pointed out that they named the lounge after Neil, and Amanda thought it was very nice. He admitted that the moment touched him and Lily and made them realize their father wouldn’t want them arguing. Amanda said she was happy for him and Lily, and she assumed he’d go back to Chancellor-Winters, but Devon wasn’t so sure.

He admitted that the entire last year had been filled with regrettable decisions and him hurting people he cared about. Devon said he wanted to be a better man, and Amanda wasn’t happy that getting her heart ripped out was part of his journey. He said he was profoundly sorry but didn’t expect forgiveness. Amanda said he shouldn’t worry because she’d heal.

Lily (Christel Khalil) walked up, surprised to see Amanda and Devon being civil. She said she was happy to have her brother back. Amanda toasted to moving on, and Devon suggested she could go home to her mom and family, but she said she felt like she had family in Genoa City too.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) rushed out, telling Nate they needed a doctor for Phyllis. They all returned to the lounge as Summer cried over not making things right with her mom. Elena and Nate asked what happened, and everybody told them. Phyllis barely had a pulse.

elena and nate look at phyllis as emts prepare to take her away.
Nate and Elena seem worried about Phyllis Summers after her collapse.

EMTs arrived and loaded Phyllis on a gurney, and Daniel offered to drive Summer to the hospital. Kyle promised to meet her there while Lily and Danny helped gave Daniel a pep talk. Traci (Beth Maitland) let Summer know she was there for her.

Leanna (Barbara Crampton) asked Victoria what led to the collapse, and Victoria told the overly eager journalist to go to hell. Before EMTs pushed her out, Diane noticed that Phyllis had her ring, and Jack flashed back to Jeremy bumping into her. Jack let Diane know that he picked his pocket. She didn’t understand why Jeremy would give her ring to Phyllis.

Jeremy walked in, complimenting Nikki, and she let him know he wasn’t invited. Diane grabbed her ring right out of Phyllis’s lifeless hand, and the EMT noticed. Just then Jeremy saw Phyllis and wondered what had happened. He bent down, calling Phyllis his love, and Daniel and Summer didn’t like him doing that. She wanted Jeremy to get away from their mom.

The EMTs rolled Phyllis out with Summer and Daniel following. Jeremy wondered if everybody was happy, but Kyle and Jack wanted him to leave. Kyle insisted that Jeremy not go to the hospital, but Jeremy said he would stay by his wife’s side.

“Your wife! What the hell are you talking about?” Jack wondered.

jeremy stark points his finger at diane as everyone stares in disbelief.
Jeremy Stark points a finger at Diane on Young and the Restless.

Jeremy said they had been married for three days. Nobody believed it, but Jeremy said they’d planned to announce their marriage. He blamed them all for shutting out Phyllis, which is why she hadn’t told them they’d wed. He claimed Phyllis wanted protection from Diane, and he wondered what she’d done to Phyllis.

Y&R Recap: A Shocking Proposal

Tucker (Trevor St. John) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) walked into the Abbott living room. Ashley ranted and raved about Jack’s engagement. She wasn’t pleased with Traci’s involvement. Ashley declared Diane had played Jack perfectly, getting everything she wanted.

ashley seems annoyed with tucker.
Ashley Abbott is annoyed with Tucker.

After checking on Mamie, Ashley returned to talk with Tucker about the whole gala. He gave Ashley a hard time over Jack and Diane’s love, pushing her buttons. Tucker told Ashley that he knew what love was capable of because of her, and he selfishly wanted Ashely’s forgiveness. He hoped that they could have a second chance just like Jack and Diane.

Of course, a second chance wasn’t in Ashley’s mind since she didn’t even like him sometimes. Even so, Tucker insisted, pointing out that they could do it if her brother and Diane could. Ashley didn’t buy it, though, and she insisted that Diane would never become an Abbott family member.

Of course, Ashley ranted that Diane hadn’t changed and continued lying. She noticed that arguing with Jack about it pushed him closer to Diane. Tucker had a thought — Ashley should stop talking and do something to shake up her brother. “Marry me,” he said.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sally brought their burgers, and he thought it was weird she put hot sauce on her french fries. Neither was too pleased to see Adam walk in from the patio over to Sally and Nick, asking after her and the baby’s health. Adam chalked the whole thing up to being an overprotective father-to-be, and Sally surprised everyone by asking him to join them.

nick gets a text from summer about phyllis.
Nick Newman gets a text from Summer.

Adam stayed, and Nick got a text from Summer about Phyllis being in the hospital, so he had to leave. Nick asked Adam if he’d make sure Sally got home okay, and he left. Adam made small talk about the gala. Sally ate her burger, and things were a bit awkward. Sally suggested that they figure out the weirdness between themselves.

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