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Jeremy Stark Stuns Phyllis Summers With His Return To Genoa City

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, February 15, 2023, brings a shock for Phyllis.

the young and the restless recap for february 15, 2023 has phyllis summers stunned by who she seesPhyllis Summers is stunned to see Jeremy.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings baddie Jeremy Stark back to Genoa City, and he manages to truly shock Phyllis Summers.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Daniel got a surprise from Heather, and it’s not a welcomed one. Plus, Kyle lets Summer know Diane and Jack’s surprising news. Finally, Ashley is surprised to hear about Tucker’s mounting debt issues. Now let’s dig deeper to find out what happened.

Y&R Recap: Phyllis Summers Can’t Win

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) had champagne ready at Society for her and Summer (Allison Lanier) to toast to Daniel (Michael Graziadei), making good decisions moving forward. Summer assumed her mom meant Daniel firing her, but Phyllis said he needed saving.

Although Phyllis thought she’d done nothing wrong, Summer told her mom how big a mistake she’d made. However, Phyllis said she was simply acting on maternal instinct, and she wasn’t the villain. Summer reached out for champagne, but Phyllis wasn’t willing to share it with her since Summer wasn’t willing to help her. Summer declared her mom’s helpful little trip may have destroyed Daniel’s plans for making things right with Heather.

Phyllis refused to take the blame, but Summer declared it should’ve been Daniel’s choice. Not surprisingly, Phyllis didn’t agree, and they argued. Phyllis wanted to know what was going on with her daughter, and Summer told her mom to let her and her brother do the fixing if something in their lives was wrong.

For raising two little pessimists, Phyllis apologized to the world, and Summer told her mom to knock it off with the melodrama. Phyllis didn’t, however, apologize for enlightening Heather about Daniel and his gaming platform. She predicted that she’d be owed an apology from both her children.

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“All we want is for you to stop trying to control other people’s lives,” Summer declared. “Especially when you can’t even control your own.”

“This is motherhood. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. It is hell,” Phyllis said. “Prepare yourself. It is coming for you. We’ll have a talk when you go through something like this. I will walk through fire for you. I will move mountains for you. I will lay down my life for you and your brother. Always. But I am tired of this. I am tired of being the villain. I am tired of being made out to be the Devil.”

In his hotel room, Heather (Vail Bloom) told Daniel that she’d told the hotel clerk she was his wife — she hoped that was okay. Daniel was happy to see her despite her not warning him she was coming. He asked about Lucy and assumed she’d stayed behind. Daniel suggested dinner, but Heather told him they needed to talk.

heather and daniel catch up on the y&r recap
Heather Stevens and Daniel talk in his hotel room.

He first apologized for Phyllis, and he said he had no idea she planned to visit. Heather said there was no need, though, and she let him know how his mother was so proud of him for turning around his life. She thought Phyllis’s entreaties were sweet, and Heather said she was happy to hear how well Daniel was doing, reinvigorated by his new venture. Heather could tell that Daniel seemed happier and more focused.

“I think the journies that we take alone are the toughest,” Daniel opined. He revealed that during his recent one, he learned a lot about himself and who he cared the most about. Daniel apologized sincerely for what he’d done to Heather and Lucy.

Heather started crying, and Daniel comforted her. He wondered what was wrong, and Heather said she’d met someone. Daniel was surprised, and she apologized for hurting him. He asked if they deserved a second chance, but Heather said even if she could forgive him, she couldn’t forget. Heather moved on because she had to, and she fell in love with somebody else. She urged him to move on.

Young and the Restless: I’m Back!

Jack (Peter Bergman) welcomed Diane (Susan Walters) home to the Abbott mansion, and she was touched to have him call it her home. The two poured drinks to toast their home and their future. A less-than-happy Kyle (Michael Mealor) showed up, and he let his parents know that he and Summer were fighting. Of course, Jack goaded his son about getting some advice from his partner Victor.

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Both Kyle and Jack argued back and forth about Victor while Diane looked back and forth between the two men. Jack needed some air, so he left, and Kyle turned to his mom, but she refused to take sides. Diane reminded her son of Jack and Victor’s antagonistic history, and Kyle admitted he hadn’t taken that into account. Ultimately, Diane reminded Kyle that she was living proof of Jack’s ability to forgive, and she said Jack had asked her to move in.

summer is not pleased when kyle tells her diane has moved in
Summer doesn’t welcome Diane Jenkins into the family home when Kyle spills the news.

Kyle noted that things were moving quickly. Diane said the whole thing had been decades in the making, though, and a bonus was her being closer to him and Harrison. Kyle let his mom know that she didn’t need his blessing, but she wanted him to be okay with it. Summer walked in, and she obviously wasn’t happy to hear Diane had moved in.

Both Jack and Phyllis ended up at The Grand Phoenix bar. They both groused about their kids. She announced her plans to cut her kids out of her life, and Jack found it hard to believe. Of course, he knew exactly how Phyllis felt. Jack explained he’d been deeply disappointed by someone, and Phyllis thought he meant Diane. Of course, it wasn’t Diane, and Jack explained Kyle had let him down. Jack disgustedly declared Phyllis her own worst enemy.

Jack went back home, and he apologized to Diane for leaving so abruptly. She said she thought she’d complicated things more by telling Kyle she was moving in. Jack promised that Kyle would accept it, but Diane wanted their son to be happy for them. Jack said the worst was behind them, and nothing was in their way now.

At The Grand Phoenix, Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) approached a shocked Phyllis, noting it looked like she could use a friend.

Y&R Recap: Indebted

Tucker (Trevor St. John) welcomed Ashley (Eileen Davidson) into his room. They enjoyed some wine, but he wanted to know what she was doing there. Ashley just wanted to know what Tucker had to come clean to her about, but she warned him not to read anything more into her coming by.

Of course, Tucker pushed her to tell him what was wrong, and she admitted Jack had her riled up. Tucker reminded her of what happened the last time she stopped by his room after an argument with her brother. Ashley let him know that there was no hope of a repeat performance.

All Ashley wanted from Tucker was a better explanation of what he’d been up to with Jabot, and he admitted that he was in deep financial trouble. His debt is growing exponentially, and things got worse while he was in the ashram and after his car wreck. Tucker just couldn’t turn his company around fast enough to keep up with the debt, and he’d wanted some whales — Chancellor-Winters and Jabot — to help save things.

tucker tries to explain himself to ashley on the y&r recap
Ashley Abbott isn’t convinced Tucker is telling the truth.

Ashley wasn’t pleased with Tucker’s admission, and she pointed out that he was willing to risk the other companies just to save his company. Ashley blamed him for offering to fund a company, and she thought he had tried to get her cash investment, but Tucker insisted that he wanted to help her. Tucker yelled at Ashley for stopping by, and he noted that she could feel their energy, passion, and connection.

Ashley leaned in and kissed him. She declared there wasn’t anything there between them, but Tucker said she wasn’t being honest. Ashley wondered if Tucker was sticking around Genoa City, and he said he didn’t know his next plans. He admitted that he was running out of options. He even said that Victor was planning to buy out his debt, and Ashley wondered why Tucker wasn’t rattled.

He said maybe it was time for him to lose it all because all he really cared about were the people and not the business. Ashley wanted to know what had happened to him and his hidden agendas, but Tucker noted that change is good. Tucker declared he’d let everything go if it meant he could be with Ashley, and she said he was relentless. But, Tucker said he loved Ashley forever.

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