Jack Stuns Kyle By Agreeing With Him About Diane

Kyle Abbott may need to be careful what he wishes for.

the young and the restless recap for january 18, 2024, episode 12788, has diane on theoutside as jack and kyle talk.Kyle Abbott agrees with his father.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, January 18, 2024, brings a shocking moment for Kyle when Jack agrees with him about Diane.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Nikki got Seth to reveal he’d been drinking again, so she made a tough choice. Jack reached out to Nikki. Tucker tried to make amends with an unwilling Kyle. And Audra told Tucker his destiny was to be alone. Now, let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Addiction Struggles

At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) told Diane (Susan Walters) that he had a friend in need. Although she attempted to stay out of it, Jack wanted to keep her in the loop.

Of course, to properly tell Diane he needed to help Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Jack had to reveal his own addiction struggle, which surprised his wife. She noted that she hadn’t been there to help him or Kyle (Michael Mealor) when they needed her.

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At Newman Media, Nikki found Seth (Brian Gaskill) rummaging through her drawers, and she wasn’t pleased. As they talked, she got Seth to admit he’d been drinking. He tried to get her to be his friend, but Nikki refused since her sobriety was so tenuous.

Audra came in, and after Seth left, she and Nikki talked a bit more about Audra’s dad’s alcoholism. Audra revealed it was one thing in her life she was “soft” about. Nikki got a text from Jack to meet at his house, and she instantly realized Lauren had told him about her falling off the wagon.

Shocking Agreement

Later, Nikki showed up at Jack’s just as Diane was leaving to see Kyle. Jack tried to visit, but Nikki called him out on knowing. He finally admitted that Lauren had looped him in, and Nikki wondered why Jack wanted to help. Jack said it was because when she first started drinking, they’d been married and he didn’t handle it well. He wanted a chance to make up for that. Later when she got back to her office, Nikki called Lauren and left a message.

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At Society, Kyle had words with Tucker (Trevor St. John). Kyle was full of animosity, but Tucker said he wanted to make amends. (Remember when Kyle punched Tucker?) Of course, Kyle didn’t buy it. They talked, and Tucker surmised that the Abbotts were all so close because they were too worried one might stab the other in the back if they weren’t united against a common enemy.

Diane showed up, and she and Kyle found a table. As they talked, Diane encouraged Kyle to wait just a bit longer for Jack to give him the co-CEO promotion, but Kyle told his mom that she deserved the job. She didn’t agree, though.

When Jack showed up, they started talking about the co-CEO opening, and Kyle stopped his dad, stating that he knew who should have the job. Kyle said Diane should work beside Jack, and Jack was surprised that his son knew what he’d been thinking. Diane humbly accepted, and Kyle looked forlorn.

Alone By Himself

Tucker sat at the bar at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and Audra walked in. (See how Zuleyka Silver says Audra feels.) He asked her if they could talk about “us,” but Audra reiterated that there was no “us” for her and Tucker. Despite that, they took a table and talked.

Audra told him that the Ashley he loved didn’t exist — instead, she was just an idea he’d created in his head. He asked Audra who he should be with, and she called him out on hoping she’d say herself. Ultimately, Audra walked away, telling Tucker his destiny was to be alone.

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