Jack Abbott And Diane Jenkins Take Things To The Next Level

The Y&R recap for Monday, February 13, 2023, brings a stunning move from Jack Abbott.

young and the restless recap for february 13, 2023, show that jack abbott and diane get romanticJack Abbott kicks things up a notch with Diane Jenkins.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday brings a stunning move from Jack Abbott that is sure to please Diane Jenkins, while Ashley Abbott will be furious.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition to Jack and Diane moving in together, Summer (Allison Lanier) lets Kyle know she’s furious at him over his lies. Plus, Audra plays Tucker in a way that makes Nate unhappy. Speaking of unhappy, Victoria doesn’t like the plans Victor has for McCall Industries and Adam. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Jack Abbott Makes A Move

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) let herself into the Abbott mansion. Diane (Susan Walters) was there, and Ashley wasn’t excited to see her. Jack (Peter Bergman) greeted his sister, and Diane let Ashley know that she reunited with Jack. Ashley rudely talked about Diane, and Jack didn’t appreciate that his sister couldn’t be happy for him.

ashley is horrified to learn jack abbott and diane are back together y&r recap
Ashley is horrified to learn Jack and Diane have reunited.

Diane tried to leave, but Jack insisted she stay. Ultimately, Ashley declared she had no intention of meeting Diane in the middle because the woman hadn’t changed. Jack accused Ashley of being blinded by hatred, and Ashley said she only saw pain and endless trouble — both past and present — when she saw Diane.

Of course, Jack, again, said that he and Diane had addressed it all. He felt confident all the surprises were behind them. Ashley called Jack a pawn in Diane’s game, which infuriated him. He resolved they were done, and Jack told Ashley to leave. However, she wasn’t willing to leave the family home.

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Jack wanted to know how much it’d cost him to buy her out of the house.

“That’s gonna happen,” she smirked, “when Hell freezes over.”

ashley lets jack know hell will freeze over before he can buy her out of the family home
Ashley refuses to let Jack Abbott buy her out of the Abbott mansion.

Ashley slammed the door on her way out. Diane apologized for goading Ashley, but Jack didn’t think she needed to. He said that he and Ashley would be fine — they’d weathered worse in their sibling bond over the years. Diane turned their talk to Kyle and the messages with Victor. He let Diane know that Adam quit at Jabot, but Jack was furious at Kyle.

Diane tried to play Devil’s advocate regarding Kyle, and Jack softened a bit. He let her know that they were going to get it right this time. Jack declared he loved Diane, and she reciprocated. The two kissed as their relationship deepened. Jack left the room, and he returned with a set of keys for Diane because he didn’t want to spend another night alone. The Abbott mansion was her home too.

Young and the Restless: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

At Jabot, Summer had nothing nice to say to Kyle (Michael Mealor). She expressed her fury at his lying to her, and she demanded they talk right there at work. They argued bitterly, and Kyle wasn’t sorry about his deal with Victor. He thought it worked out, but Summer noted her husband got lucky.

Kyle declared Jabot was better off without Adam there, but Summer yelled that the whole thing was about them — not the company. He apologized sincerely to his wife, but she wasn’t interested in making up. Ultimately, Summer said she didn’t want secrets in their marriage, and he’d created one.

She refused to let Kyle off the hook, and he promised he wouldn’t lie to Summer again because it wasn’t who he was. Kyle said he thought he was doing the right thing, but Summer called him out because he wouldn’t have kept it a secret if he really thought that. She urged her husband not to be like her grandpa or Diane, and she still couldn’t get past his lies. Summer declared she had to work through her anger…alone.

Y&R Recap: The Truth Revealed

At the ranch, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Victor (Eric Braeden) talked business after they’d shared a meal together. The talk was all about Tucker (Trevor St. John) and McCall Industries. Victoria worried about the possibility of Devon (Bryton James) bailing him out, but Victor felt he was too tied up fighting other battles.

They continued plotting, and Victor felt that Tucker would stupidly reveal his plans. He said that he and Victoria would pounce in “good old Victor Newman fashion.”

Victor had other things to discuss with Victoria — namely Johnny and Chelsea. Victoria let her dad know that Johnny enjoyed having a brother in Connor and was at ease with Chelsea. Victor wanted to know how Victoria felt, but she brushed that off.

Ultimately, Victor declared family and connection are important, and she realized he wanted to discuss Adam. Victoria let her father know there wasn’t a place for him at Newman Enterprises. However, Victor announced that he wanted McCall Industries so Adam could run it. Victoria seemed annoyed she hadn’t put it together on her own, and she wasn’t so thrilled about it.

Victoria wanted details, but Victor said they could work it out later, and Adam’s return wouldn’t negatively impact her. She yelled about dealing with two unpredictable people — Adam and Tucker. Victor said he’d handle it.

Tucker arrived at Society to meet Audra (Zuleyka Silver) for dinner, and he complimented her on her beauty. He seemed to have put the pieces together, though, that Audra might be trying to spy for Newman Enterprises. She tried to talk around his question, but Tucker wouldn’t be dissuaded. Audra straight out told Tucker that the Newmans planned to buy his debt.

audra tells tucker the newmans want to buy his debt
Audra works hard to get back into Tucker McCall’s good graces.

He wasn’t surprised, given that the Newmans taunted him about his debt recently. Tucker didn’t have anything nice to say about the family, but he couldn’t understand why Audra told him the details. She decided to let Tucker think whatever he wanted to think, but mostly Audra wanted to know what he planned to do about it. Tucker said he didn’t know, and he thought she may have told him just to get the details out of him. Tucker suspected Audra was playing him, and he got turned on by it.

At Newman Media, Nate (Sean Dominic) phoned Elena to let her know he was going to be late. Audra walked in, and she updated him about her conversation with Tucker. She said she told Tucker the truth, which upset Nate, but Audra said it was a smart move. After all, it sent Tucker a clear message that Newman has the upper hand, and that rattled Tucker.

nate isn't pleased with audra's revelation to tucker y&r recap
Nate Hastings isn’t happy to learn Audra told Tucker about Newman’s plans.

Nate wasn’t convinced, but Audra declared her loyalty to Nate and Newman. She explained that making Tucker think she was playing both sides would work. “The Newmans will win,” she declared.

At his hotel room, Tucker called somebody to find out details about his debt when somebody knocked on the door. He opened it and was surprised to see Ashley.

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