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Elena Dawson Gives Nate And Victoria A Piece of her Mind

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, May 23, 2023, brings a cathartic moment for Elena.

elena dawson says her piece in the young and the restless recap for may 23, 2023.That had to feel good for Elena Dawson.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, May 23, 2023, brings Elena Dawson letting her ex and his new lover know exactly what she thinks of their affair.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Devon notice boxes outside Nate’s penthouse. Elena lets Devon know his cousin slept with Victoria, and later Devon confronts Nate. Billy updates Jack about Ashley planning a coup at Jabot, and Tucker informs Jack he’s protecting Ashley now. Finally, Sharon updates Nick about her unexpected gift. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Elena Dawson Updates Devon

At the penthouse, Abby and Devon (Bryton James) gushed over how great their son Dominic is. She admitted she was glad that Devon didn’t buy McCall Unlimited, and Devon agreed…the mess is somebody else’s problem now. They started making out. However, Devon didn’t have extra time to jump in the sack with her, but that was okay because Abby had a date with Dominic anyway. They had plenty of time for all that anyway.

When Devon opened the door to leave, he noticed boxes in the hallway and noted that maybe Nate and Elena were moving out.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nate (Sean Dominic) told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that there was something they should capitalize on with McCall. However, her brother interrupted them, so Nate left. Nick (Joshua Morrow) wanted to discuss budget issues with his sister, and he wasn’t too pleased that he walked in on Nate and Victoria again. Of course, she thought he was there to give her another lecture.

Victoria told Nick that their dad had questioned her all about Nate, thanks to him, but he wasn’t too concerned. She said that her relationship with Nate wasn’t a secret, but she wasn’t pleased she didn’t get to relay the news herself. Nick said he talked to their father out of concern for the company.

Of course, Victoria pointed out that Nick also had a relationship with an employee when he started dating Sally, but he said Sally wasn’t after his job at the time. Victoria didn’t buy that at all, but Nick reminded her what Nate did to Lily and Devon in business as well as Elena. They continued to argue, and Nick insisted that he had red flags about Nate.

Later, Devon went to Crimson Lights, and Elena was there. He asked her if she and Nate were moving, and Elena let him know she was moving. Of course, Devon wanted to know what Nate did, and Elena let him know that his cousin had cheated on her with Victoria.

Devon was shocked, but Elena wasn’t. He let her know she didn’t deserve to be treated like that, and Elena admitted she’d thought Nate had really changed. Of course, she also felt that Victoria would ultimately eat Nate alive.

Later, Audra showed up, and she talked about getting payback, but Elena didn’t want to waste her energy on Nate and Victoria. Audra advised Elena to sit back and have the last laugh, as Nate and Victoria would likely blow each other up. Ultimately, Audra suggested Elena go to Victoria’s office and tell her off.

At Chancellor Park, Nate ran into Devon. Nate thanked his cousin for inviting him to Neil’s party. However, Devon quickly judged Nate for cheating on Elena with Victoria. Considering Devon’s recent cheating history, Nate wasn’t in the mood for a lecture. They argued back and forth over who thought they were the better man. In the end, Nate declared he never knew him at all and walked away from Devon.

Young and the Restless Recap: Elena Dawson Speaks Her Mind

Back at Victoria’s office, Victoria updated Nate that Nick thought Nate wanted his job. Nate was surprised, but he admitted Nick wasn’t entirely wrong because someday Nate did want to work beside Victoria. Elena arrived and snarked at them for being together while fully clothed.

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Victoria told Elena to go ahead and say her piece, so Elena let them know that people realized what they’d done. She wondered if Victoria and Nate’s little tawdry affair was worth ruining their reputations. Nate tried to tell Elena to stop, but she wasn’t finished.

Elena revealed she was quitting the podcast and ignoring the non-compete, and she wasn’t interested in hearing anything from them over any of it. Of course, she planned to focus on medicine anyway. Before she left, Elena declared Victoria and Nate “pathetic.”

Young and the Restless: Coup

At Chancellor Park, Audra (Zuleyka Silver) ran into Tucker (Trevor St. John). “Tucker McCall,” she said. “Audra freaking Charles. How do you do?” he replied, smiling. Audra couldn’t believe Tucker was still in Genoa City, but she guessed it had to do with Ashley. Tucker implied she was jealous (or wanted him to think she was), and he let her know that he moved into the Abbott mansion.

Tucker brought up Nate, and she said she felt entertained by the whole thing. Ultimately, Audra said that Nate was the opposite of Tucker and just what she needed at this point in her career. They parted ways with a few warning shots, and Tucker kissed Audra’s cheek.

Billy (Jason Thompson) updated Jack (Peter Bergman) about Jabot over a meal at Society. Of course, Jack was preoccupied thinking about Diane and happened to miss some of what his brother was saying. He let Billy know that he felt hopeful they would clear Diane’s name, and Billy was glad to hear it.

Jack focused on business, and Billy let him know that their sister Ashley was planning a coup. That got Jack’s attention, and Billy explained Ashley thought Diane had too much influence over Jack. Of course, he’d only heard a few rumblings.

Jack wondered if Billy felt the same as Ashley, and he said he trusted Jack and wasn’t in on planning a coup. However, Billy noted that Ashley had legitimate concerns about Diane getting a leadership position at Jabot, and he pointed out that the world looked at Jack differently after his engagement and her arrest. Jack admitted some of it looked bad, and he promised to take care of it.

After Jack left, Abby showed up, and Billy apologized for not seeing Dominic more. They discussed their concern for Summer, and Abby also let her uncle know how worried she was about Tucker winning over her mom.

Jack went home, and Tucker was sitting on the couch reading. When Jack couldn’t find Ashley, Tucker pointed out what a madhouse the Abbott household was sometimes. Jack wanted to know where Ashley was, but Tucker didn’t know and wouldn’t tell him if he did, considering the way Jack was acting. Tucker warned Jack not to cross him and revealed that he was protecting Ashley now.

Y&R Recap: Stranger Things

At Crimson Lights, Nick showed up, and Sharon (Sharon Case) knew he was upset. He didn’t want to talk, so Sharon updated him on babysitting Aria, and Faith wanting to come home for a visit soon. Nick was excited to hear it. He noticed Sharon’s champagne and made a joke about turning the coffee shop into a bar.

Sharon said she’d forgotten about the mystery bottle and let him know she didn’t know who sent it. Nick checked it out, and he noticed something that looked like blood on the label. He advised Sharon not to drink it, and she agreed, tossing the bottle in the trash.

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