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Diane’s Choice Leaves Jack Abbott Feeling Desperate

The Y&R recap for Friday, April 21, 2023, brings desperation for Jack Abbott as Diane tells him something he doesn’t want to hear.

jack abbott grows desperate on the young and the restless recap for april 21, 2023.Diane's action drives Jack Abbott to the edge.

The Young and the Restless recap brings extreme desperation for Jack Abbott after Diane all but banishes him from her life.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Kyle (Michael Mealor) worries about his marriage, and Billy provides a unique distraction. Chelsea surprises Billy on his first day back at Jabot. Christine and Michael spar over Diane’s case while Chance wonders what he may have missed. Finally, Mariah and Tessa enjoy a surprise baby shower. Now let’s take a deeper dive into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Jack Abbott Loses Control

At the jail, Jack (Peter Bregman) visited Diane (Susan Walters). She said she was okay, but Jack knew she wasn’t. However, Diane insisted she could take care of herself, but Jack wanted to do more. Diane only had one request, though — “Don’t come back.”

young and the restless jack abbott pleads with diane at the jail.
Jack Abbott pleads with Diane on The Young and the Restless.

Jack refused to allow Diane to push him away, but she said she wouldn’t be getting out of jail anytime soon because murder trials take a long time. He promised that he and Kyle would be on Diane’s side for as long as it took. She said she could only survive by forgetting about her life outside the jail. Seeing Jack wasn’t comforting to her — he was just a reminder of everything she had lost.

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Jack said he loved her, and Diane agreed, but she said if he really loved her, Jack would stay away. He reminded Diane that it was too soon to make big decisions. She compared her incarceration to faking her death; the only way to survive was to shut down. She said she was doing it because she loved Jack, Kyle, and Harrison too much to put them through visiting her in jail.

Diane suggested Jack should move on, and he said he had no intention of doing that. He yelled at Diane for being selfish. After some more back and forth, Diane called the guard to go back to her cell, and Jack angrily threw a chair (this is his thing).

At Crimson Lights, Chance (Conner Floyd) told Christine (Lauralee Bell) that he suspected Jeremy (James Hyde) was in on killing Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) with Diane. He wanted to put pressure on Diane, but Christine didn’t think it was plausible. Michael (Christian Le Blanc) walked in, talking about his client.

michael joins chance and christine at crimson lights.
Michael Baldwin joins Chance and Christine at Crimson Lights.

Michael sat down with Christine and Chance. The lawyer didn’t love that Chance asked if Diane had had contact with people on the outside. Michael didn’t answer, and he expressed he didn’t think there should be a trial. Christine agreed, but she wanted Diane to confess.

Michael firmly said that Diane wouldn’t plead guilty because she was innocent. Chance said that they really wanted Jeremy, and Christine offered a plea deal, but Michael said they weren’t interested.

Chance said there was more to find out about Diane and Jeremy’s connection. Michael insisted that Jeremy had framed Diane after killing Phyllis himself. However, Christine didn’t think that would convince the jury. She wasn’t happy about going to trial, and Michael said the evidence had obviously been planted. He suggested that the Genoa City Police Department investigate the crime. Chance left.

Later, Michael wondered what happened to the Christine who used to champion the underdog. Christine said she represented the citizens of Genoa City, and Michael didn’t miss Christine’s judgy persona. However, Christine told Michael that he sold out to the highest bidder, but he said it was noble to prove somebody’s innocence. Christine got up to leave and let Michael know her door was always open.

Young and the Restless Recap: Jack Abbott Grows Desperate

Michael promised to see Christine in court, and Jack came in, insisting that they get Diane another bail hearing. Christine said she’d warned them Diane wouldn’t get bail, but Jack insisted that Diane wasn’t doing well in jail.

Michael didn’t think it was likely the judge would change her decision. Looking more and more distraught, Jack said he’d pay whatever bail they wanted, and he’d even pay the salary for an officer to watch Diane 24/7.

Chance went back to the jazz club and looked around while checking his notebook.

Young and the Restless: First Day

Billy (Jason Thompson) was at Jabot, working, when Kyle walked in. After all, somebody had to run Marchetti. Although Billy didn’t ask, Kyle told him how awful things were in his personal life. As a distraction, Billy wondered what was happening with Marchetti’s operating budget.

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Kyle explained rudely that their operating costs went up by an increased headcount. Billy didn’t like the deal with Newman, but Kyle said he’d made the deal and he knew what he was doing. Kyle let Billy know that he had complete autonomy at Marchetti, so he didn’t need approval.

billy and kyle clash at jabot on young and the restless.
Billy Abbott provides a distraction for Kyle.

Even so, Billy had an idea about how to bring Jabot and Marchetti together. Billy said they should integrate Jabot and Marchetti’s ad campaigns. He wanted to brand the companies as the same entity. Kyle was entirely against it because Jabot offered a variety of products, but Marchetti was exclusively a luxury brand.

However, Billy said they should draw connections to Jabot’s high-end products, which would bring more customers to Marchetti. Kyle suggested Billy hadn’t been there long enough, and he reminded his uncle of how many times he’d been fired. Billy said that was a positive because he learned from his mistakes.

Even so, Kyle said their strategy had been successful, but Billy said they needed to think outside of the box. They both agreed that Jack could have the final say. Kyle left in a huff, and he told his uncle thanks for trying to distract him with stupid business ideas.

Later, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) showed up with some lunch, and Billy was pleased to see her and asked her to join him. Billy updated Chelsea on his clash with Kyle and the rest of his first day back at Jabot. He believed he could make a difference there, and Chelsea was happy.

She also updated him on the progress of her exciting video game project. However, Phyllis’s death put them in a holding pattern, making her impatient. Even so, she wasn’t freaking out over the bump in the road. Billy was in awe of how much Chelsea had grown, and she said the same thing about him.

Y&R Recap: Welcome To Genoa City

At Society, Aria, Tessa (Cait Fairbanks), and Mariah (Camryn Grimes) showed up for a girl’s lunch with Abby (Melissa Ordway). However, they walked into a big surprise — a baby shower. Sharon (Sharon Case), Noah (Rory Gibson), and Elena (Bryni Sarpy) joined Abby in throwing the shower. They were on hand to welcome baby Aria to Genoa City, and they started with a toast.

Sharon expressed that she’d chosen adoption as a young woman, and it was so special that her first grandchild, Aria, came into her family through adoption. It was a full-circle moment. Abby also shared a few of the things about motherhood she’d learned.

mariah and tessa at their surprise baby shower.
Mariah Copeland and Tessa enjoy a celebration of Aria.

Noah presented a gift from him and Allie, who was stuck in the lab and couldn’t attend. The gift was some of Noah’s favorite books that Sharon read to him growing up. Later, they decorated onesies and enjoyed some champagne.

Mariah thanked everyone for coming and for being supportive through their adoption journey. She admitted that there was a scare during the delivery, but everything was fine with Aria. They felt lucky to have her as their child.

Tessa reminded everybody how she hadn’t had much luck with her biological family, except Crystal. However, Tessa found her family in Genoa City, and she was so thrilled to celebrate Aria with her family. She declared that Aria chose them to be her moms.

Kyle showed up, and Abby apologized for not inviting him. Kyle tried to leave, but Mariah saw him and made him stick around. Mariah expressed she was sorry about Diane’s arrest, and Kyle said he hadn’t been in the space to talk. She thanked Kyle (and Summer) for all the stylish baby clothes they’d sent Aria.

Mariah promised to be a good friend to Summer and she let Kyle know she was there for both of them. Kyle admitted that Summer was struggling and that they were having a difficult time since Summer believed Diane killed Phyllis. Mariah reminded Kyle that Summer was tough and loved him. She predicted that they’d make it through this. Mariah asked Kyle to stay, but he declined.

Elena and Tessa talked about new motherhood. Of course, Tessa admitted she’d been an anxious mom, and Elena let her know that was all normal.

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