Daniel Romalotti Says A Difficult Goodbye To Heather And Lucy

The Y&R recap for Friday, February 24, 2023, brings sad parting for Daniel.

the young and the restless recap for february 24, 2023 has daniel sadDaniel Romalotti had to say goodbye to his family.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday brings a tough goodbye for Daniel Romalotti as Heather and Lucy leave Genoa City.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) blames Phyllis for his woes as Jeremy Stark tries to get her to form an alliance. Chance warns Jack and Diane about Jeremy, but they don’t listen. Elena tries to warn Nate away from helping Lily and Devon, and Abby tries to get Devon to take care of himself. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Daniel Romalotti Says Goodbye

At The Grand Phoenix, Daniel watched as Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) and Heather (Vail Bloom) prepared to leave to go back to Portugal. Daniel understood that they needed to get back to their full lives, and he wished Heather nothing but happiness. She returned the sentiment.

daniel romalotti says a difficult goodbye to lucy and heather
Daniel Romalotti says goodbye to Lucy and Heather.

Heather went to call a car, and Daniel took a moment to talk with his daughter. He praised Lucy for telling him how she’d felt, and she said she felt better. Daniel and Lucy agreed to talk more, and he discussed the possibility of planning another visit when she was ready. Lucy asked to be part of the team that tested out the Princess Luisa game as it was developed, and Daniel agreed. They hugged, and Lucy and Heather left.

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Phyllis saw Daniel drinking at the hotel bar, and she went over to him. Daniel wasn’t thrilled to see his mom or talk about saying goodbye to Heather and Lucy. Phyllis pointed out how brutal it is to be distant from your child, but she noted that at least they’d seen how Daniel had turned his life around. He accused his mom of making the whole thing about her…as usual.

phyllis talks to daniel romalotti after heather and lucy leave on the young and the restless
Daniel Romalotti blames Phyllis for his woes.

Phyllis said she merely empathized, but Daniel called out his mom on her poor choice to butt into his life. She said Daniel was lashing out over losing Heather and Lucy, and that infuriated Daniel. He blamed Phyllis for her meddling causing his pain. Daniel left, and Jeremy overheard and said he felt for Phyllis.

Phyllis wasn’t interested in Jeremy’s pity, and she insisted she wasn’t interested in aligning with him. She admitted that the Diane situation bothered her, but she let Jeremy know she planned to double down and that she didn’t need his help. Jeremy stopped Phyllis, claiming to have a plan that was guaranteed to take down Diane and paint Phyllis as the good guy. Phyllis wasn’t interested in Jeremy’s schemes, but he didn’t believe her.

Young and the Restless: Police Matters

At the Abbott mansion, Diane (Susan Walters) found a package addressed to her at the front door. She wasn’t happy about it, and Jack (Peter Bergman) came in, wondering what was wrong. She showed Jack the package, admitting she thought it was from Jeremy.

Jack warned Diane not to let Jeremy get under her skin, and he reminded her that she was safe with him. Diane wanted to know how they’d deal with Jeremy this time because it couldn’t go well the last time.

chance tells jeremy his personal life is of limits
Chance tells Jeremy Stark his personal life is off limits.

Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) found Chance (Conner Floyd) at Crimson Lights. He let the detective know he harbored no hard feelings for the false arrest, and Chance reminded him he had credible evidence. Jeremy pointed out that Chance was a victim just like him, and he pointed out that Jack was related to Chance through marriage…er, ex-marriage, that is.

Chance accused Jeremy of playing games, but the criminal denied it. The detective warned Jeremy that his personal life was off limits, and Chance suggested Jeremy take up any grievances he had with Chicago Police. Jeremy wondered if Chance was livid to learn Jack had used him. Chance again warned Jeremy, but the criminal said he only wanted to enjoy Genoa City’s generosity.

Chance showed up at the Abbotts’, and he told Diane and Jack that he’d seen Jeremy. He revealed that Jeremy planned to cause more problems, and Jack thanked him for the warning. However, Chance said that the warning went both ways, and he put Jack and Diane on notice. He warned them not to plan on handling Stark themselves.

chance warns jack and diane not to deal with jeremy alone
Chance warns Jack and Diane not to deal with Jeremy Stark alone.

Jack showed Chance the package that they suspected Jeremy had sent, and the detective was furious they hadn’t called the police about it. Diane suggested the whole thing was slow psychological torture, and Chance intervened as Diane tried to open the package. It was a book from Jeremy, and Chance ranted to them about not involving the police. Chance asked them to promise they’d call him if Jeremy crossed the line, and Diane didn’t want him to know that she was working with the police.

Chance left in a huff, and Diane noted that it’d be too late for anybody to intervene the next time Jeremy made a threat. Jack hated the whole situation, and Diane admitted her concern that Jeremy’s return stirred up Chance’s suspicions about them. Jack told Diane they should remove themselves as targets by going away on a secret trip — a romantic getaway.

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Diane liked the sound of it, but she didn’t believe they could get away from Jeremy. Jack insisted he wasn’t going to let the man rain on their happiness, and he promised to take care of everything.

Y&R Recap: Family Matters

Nate (Sean Dominic) and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) enjoyed a takeout dinner together before she headed to work, and Nate also needed to go meet Lily (Christel Khalil) at Society. He wanted to ask Lily about Devon (Bryton James). Elena wondered why he wasn’t going to talk to Devon instead.

Nate told Elena that he worried he was the one who set the whole thing in motion by pointing out Devon’s leadership issues. Elena told her boyfriend his plan to talk to Lily sounded like a terrible idea. She asked Nate to consider that he was doing more harm than good, and she asked him to reconsider. Nate said his mother would want him to help Lily and Devon stop their drama, though.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) stopped by Devon’s, and she wanted to get dinner. Devon had work to do on his lawsuit, and Abby tried to talk him into taking a break to eat. She worried that Devon was pushing himself too hard.

Abby said she wished that Lily could see what the whole lawsuit was doing to him, but Devon didn’t think it’d happen. She encouraged Devon to work things out with his sister. Abby insisted that there had to be another way to resolve the whole thing, but Devon said there wasn’t. Ultimately, she promised to support Devon no matter what, and he appreciated everything Abby had said.

abby and elena hope to keep nate from causing harm for lily and devon
Elena Dawson and Abby talk about Devon and Nate.

In the hallway, Abby ran into Elena, and the latter asked Abby to talk. She let Abby know that Nate was insinuating himself into Lily and Devon’s drama, but Abby wasn’t willing to betray Devon’s confidence. Ultimately, Abby did tell Elena that Devon was suing Chancellor-Winters.

Elena was stunned, and she let Abby know Nate thought he could mediate. Abby said Devon wasn’t willing to compromise, and Lily dug her heels in just the same way Devon did. Like Elena, Abby worried Nate would make it worse.

At Society, Nate thanked Lily for meeting him, and she was pretty standoffish. He let Lily know that he wasn’t there to discuss work, and Nate said he’d seen Christine leaving Devon’s. He admitted he was worried, and Nate wondered how he could help.

Lily told her cousin it wasn’t any of his business, but Nate said he felt guilty. She said Nate wasn’t her family anymore because he’d betrayed them. Lily warned Nate to stay out of the whole thing. Devon walked in and asked what was going on. Lily accused Nate of setting the whole thing up, but Nate denied it.

nate makes things worse between devon and lily
Nate Hastings can’t help Devon and Lily compromise.

Devon tried to tell Lily that he wasn’t there to talk to Nate. The siblings went back and forth about what Neil really would’ve wanted, and Nate told them it was getting out of hand. Lily told her cousin to stay out of it, and she left.

Nate told Devon that somebody needed to talk some sense into him and Lily. He pointed out that Neil wouldn’t like what was happening, but Devon told his cousin that he didn’t even know Neil and to keep his dad’s name out of his mouth.

Lily went to the park, and Daniel was there. They sat down together, and Lily said she didn’t want to talk, but she changed her mind. She wondered why family was so hard, and Daniel didn’t have any answers to that question.

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