Chance Chancellor Surprises Sharon With An Unexpected Choice

The Y&R recap for Friday, April 7, 2023, reveals Chance decides to move on with his life.

chance chancellor smiles in the young and the restless recap for april 7, 2023.It looks like Chance is moving on with his Y&R life.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday brings an unexpected choice for Sharon from Chance Chancellor.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Abby (Melissa Ordway) asks Chance’s permission to move in with Devon while Devon tells Lily he wants back in at Chancellor-Winters. Victor is stunned to learn Victoria withdrew the offer to buy McCall Unlimited, and Adam feels his father chose his sister over him…once again. Sally has a pregnancy worry, but Nate calms her fears, and later, she and Adam bond. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Chancellor Makes Moves

At Crimson Lights, Chance (Conner Floyd) was on the phone hoping to expedite Phyllis’s bloodwork. When he hung up, Abby walked up and said hi. She brought up Phyllis’s death, and they commiserated. She thanked Chance for his hard work, and he said he was just doing his job.

abby asks chance chancellor something important.
Chance Chancellor isn’t thrilled to talk to Abby on The Young and the Restless.

He tried to leave, but Abby stopped him. Chance worried Dominic was okay, and she eased his fears. Abby told him that Devon had asked her and Dominic to move in with him. Chance didn’t know what she wanted him to say. He seemed surprised that she wanted his opinion.

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Ultimately, Chance said he didn’t care, and he thought she and Dominic would like living with Devon. She suggested that Chance move back in, but he didn’t really commit. However, he did remind Abby that Dominic was a Chancellor and the house was his birthright too. Chance thought it was fine with him, and Abby thanked him.

Inside, Adam (Mark Grossman) asked Sharon (Sharon Case) for his usual, but she was distracted. She said she was having a hard time focusing, and she realized Adam wasn’t aware that Phyllis had died. She told him, and Adam was stunned. He also couldn’t believe that Phyllis had married Jeremy Stark.

sharon tells adam about phyllis dying.
Sharon tells Adam Newman the terrible news about Phyllis.

Adam wondered if Sharon had talked to Nick about it, and she said she’d been there with him when it all went down. Of course, she hadn’t heard from him since then, and Adam assumed his brother would reach out to her. He reminded Sharon to take care of herself. Adam got a message from Victor to meet at Society ASAP.

On the patio, Chance updated Sharon that Abby had asked him about moving in with Devon. He said he’d given her the thumbs up. Sharon said it must’ve been difficult, but Chance said it wasn’t. She encouraged Chance to let go of his anger and move forward with his life. He asked Sharon to either take cash for her excellent therapy or go to dinner, and she agreed to go out.

Young and the Restless: Pregnancy Woes

At Society, Sally (Courtney Hope) stopped Nate (Sean Dominic) and told him she wasn’t feeling well. She worried that something was wrong with her baby. He sat down with her, and Sally thanked him for stopping to listen to her. She relayed that eating made her nauseous, and she felt fluttering in her stomach.

Although he couldn’t give her an official diagnosis, Nate told Sally that he thought she felt the baby moving. She felt relieved by what he said, and as he left, Sally asked him to keep her news to himself. He gave her advice to eat frequent smaller meals, to drink camomile tea, and to cherish the moments.

nikki updates victoria as they sit on the couch at newman enterprises.
Nikki and Victoria Newman talk about Summer’s grieving.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victor (Eric Braeden), and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) talked about how Summer was dealing with Phyllis’s death. After that, Victor asked his daughter for an update on what was happening with Tucker (Trevor St. John), and she told him that she withdrew their offer to buy McCall Unlimited.

Victor wasn’t at all happy with Victoria’s choice, but she reminded him that she was the Chief Executive Officer of Newman Enterprises. Victor wondered if Victoria had forgotten who named her to that position. He presumed her real issue was Adam.

Victoria denied it, but Victor wasn’t convinced. He questioned her motivation, but Victoria said the company and the family’s best interests were the only things she’d considered. Even so, Victor wondered why Victoria was so dead set against letting Adam reunite with the family. Victoria invited her father to hand Adam a company to run with his own dime, and he didn’t like that too much.

Victor and Adam met at Society, briefly discussing Phyllis’s death. Adam wanted to know what was going on, and Victor updated Adam that Victoria no longer wanted to purchase McCall Unlimited. Adam suggested he override Victoria, considering Victor still owned Newman Enterprises.

Victor said he didn’t want to disrespect Victoria’s decision, and Adam immediately felt like Victor chose his sister over him. Adam declared he’d figure out his future on his own instead of working with Victor to find another way to acquire McCall.

Nate walked into Victoria’s office, and she told him that she knew he’d done everything he could to help Phyllis. He admitted that he and Elena didn’t figure out what was wrong with Phyllis, and Victoria wondered if it affected him. However, Nate said other people’s lives were no longer his responsibility, and he was fully focused on his work at Newman.

Victoria updated Nate that she’d chosen not to pursue McCall Unlimited, and he was surprised. She confessed that Victor was right — she backed out because of Adam. Victoria just couldn’t see handing Adam an empire. Ultimately, Nate praised Victoria’s instincts, and he thanked her for sharing her secrets with him.

Adam went back to Crimson Lights, and he seemed to be looking for Sharon. Sally came in and ran into Adam, admitting she was there for some tea. He asked if Sally was okay, and she asked him to sit with her. They talked about how awful Phyllis’s death was, and Adam wondered how Nick was. They talked about Nick struggling to help Summer.

Sally noted that Nick was grieving himself since he loved Phyllis. Adam wondered if she was jealous, and she said she wasn’t. After all, Phyllis was the mother of Nick’s child, which made them bonded. They sat down, and Sally wondered what was eating Adam. He explained that his plans had recently changed, with Victor choosing Victoria over him.

Sally said she was sorry Victor hurt Adam again. However, she pointed out the bright side that Adam wouldn’t be answering to Victor. Sally told Adam that all he needed was himself to be successful. He thanked her for saying the right thing, and she let him know she was having indigestion, which worried him. Adam joked about having a boy, but she thought they’d have a girl.

Victor and Nikki had dinner at Society, and he let her know how badly things had gone with Adam. Nikki wasn’t unhappy with the way things had turned out. However, Victor let Nikki know that Devon wasn’t interested in acquiring McCall Unlimited, and he said he felt the company was still on the market.

Y&R Recap: Family Matters

Devon (Bryton James) welcomed Lily (Christel Khalil) into his penthouse. She updated him on spending time with Daniel (Michael Graziadei). They talked about how tough it was to lose a parent so early in life, and Lily wished she and Devon didn’t know how it felt.

lily and devon talk things out at his penthouse.
Lily Winters and Devon talk things out.

Devon wanted to continue talking to Lily about Chancellor-Winters. He revealed that everything changed for him after the gala and the new jazz club dedicated to Neil. Devon noted that every day isn’t promised, and family was most important. He wanted to come back to Chancellor-Winters.

Lily seemed hesitant, and she wanted to make sure her brother had really thought it through. She was scared things would deteriorate again, and Devon said it wouldn’t because they’d be totally honest moving forward. He admitted that he wanted to be partners again because of the company and because of their relationship. Lily happily accepted.

Devon and Lily talked about life, and he let her know he’d asked Abby and Dominic to move in. Lily was taken aback because she thought it was too soon after Amanda had left. Devon said his conversation with Amanda the night before was what had motivated him to ask Abby and their son to move in with him.

Later, Abby went to Devon’s, and she let him know she’d talked to Chance. Because he’d given them the go-ahead, Abby accepted Devon’s offer.

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