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Chance Chancellor Gives Summer And Daniel Devastating News

The Y&R recap for Monday, April 3, 2023, brings news from Chance Chancellor.

chance chancellor gives horrible young and the restless news to daniel, danny and the othersIt is a devastating moment on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, April 3, 2023, brings news from Chance Chancellor that leaves Summer and Daniel heartbroken.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Chance (Conner Floyd) interviewed an EMT. Victoria got angry at Victor for revealing news about Devon in front of Audra before he told her, and Nikki was exhausted after the drama of the gala. Tucker tried to make a deal with Audra to find JT, but she wasn’t sure. Nick supported Summer, while Danny supported Daniel. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Chance Chancellor Investigates

Jack (Peter Bergman) updated Traci (Beth Maitland) on the ambulance crash. Chance received a call, which he stepped away to take.

Sharon (Sharon Case) refused to give Leanna (Barbara Crampton) any details about the situation. People were waiting for news on their loved one for goodness sake.

Victor (Eric Braeden), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), and Michael (Christian Le Blanc) discussed the possibility that Phyllis’s (Michelle Stafford) ambulance was the one that crashed. Victoria pointed out that something was off because the ambulance shouldn’t have been on Collins Road. Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) joined the group, and Lauren cried about her friend.

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Jeremy (James Hyde) yelled about why Chance hadn’t found his wife yet, leaving Summer (Allison Lanier) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) stunned. He confirmed they’d married three days ago, and Daniel and Summer still seemed skeptical.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) apologized for not telling Summer what they’d learned while she and Daniel were at the hospital. Daniel told Jeremy to shut his mouth with the “my wife” stuff. Jeremy also pushed Summer and Daniel’s buttons over not talking to their mother much lately.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked in, and he couldn’t believe Phyllis had married Jeremy. Summer insisted that Phyllis wasn’t in the accident and she said the ambulance would arrive.

michael consoles lauren as she worries about phyllis.
Michael Baldwin consoles Lauren.

Leanna tried to get some information from Michael and Lauren, but they had no comment.

Diane (Susan Walters) was upset, and Kyle wondered if his mom was okay. She thought she might need to go wait at the house, and she didn’t want to cause any pain by being there. Kyle said that he and Jack needed her support, though.

Leanna walked up to Traci and Jack, asking for details. Traci told her to buzz off. They weren’t at all willing to talk, and Leanna played the victim.

Victor also let it be known that he wanted Leanna out of the Genoa City Athletic Club, and Nick offered to take care of it. Victoria suggested they leave, but Victor wanted to be there for Summer. However, Nick said he’d keep them updated, so Victor, Nikki, and Victoria went home. Nikki let Summer know to call her if she could do anything.

Traci offered to stay with Diane to let Kyle go to be with Summer. He just couldn’t imagine this is how it all ended with Phyllis.

nick tells leanna to leave and jeremy promises he'll call.
Nick Newman tells Leanna to leave after Jeremy promises to call.

Leanna talked to Jeremy, and he agreed to give her an interview on the record. However, Nick walked up and insisted that she leave because it was a private family matter. Leanna left, and Jeremy promised to continue their conversation.

Young and the Restless: Shocking Outcomes

At the lounge, Sharon thanked Nick for getting Leanna to leave. She wondered how he was doing over Phyllis, and Sharon reminded him that she and Phyllis had a complicated past. At times, Sharon wouldn’t have been upset if Phyllis had dropped dead, but she remembered how Phyllis dropped the animosity overnight when Sharon had cancer. She was really a good friend to Sharon. Nick noted it was a full circle moment for them. Sharon wanted Phyllis to be okay.

Michael and Lauren sat at a table, worrying and going over the what-ifs. Lauren teared up, and Michael reminded his wife that Phyllis was strong and determined. He predicted that they’d hear good news. They laughed over imagining Phyllis being mad that they were even worried.

chance chancellor takes an important call.
Chance Chancellor takes an important call.

Chance got another call, and everybody waited anxiously while he talked to whoever was on the phone. Jeremy yelled about his right to know, and Summer asked Chance to tell them anything. He let them know the ambulance was Phyllis’s and it had exploded.

Summer cried as she insisted that her mom was okay. There was a chance Phyllis was okay. Kyle and Nick were there for Summer. Diane told Jack how sorry she was, and he tried to support her. Danny reminded Daniel how strong Phyllis was. He let Daniel know he was there for him no matter what.

Traci walked over to Danny and talked about how unbelievable things were. He wanted to know how Summer was doing, and Traci said she remained hopeful. Traci wondered how Daniel was too, and Danny didn’t know for sure, but he felt his son was filled with anger.

Near the bar, Chance brought in the EMT to find out what happened. Chance got details of Diane taking a ring out of Phyllis’s hand, and the EMT told him that she showed it to Jack. He also learned that Phyllis regained consciousness en route to the hospital, but she never responded. However, she whispered, “poison, poison.” The EMT drew blood, but then the vehicle crashed, and he was thrown from the ambulance on impact.

The EMT said that the driver was belted in, and the entire vehicle was engulfed and the driver and Phyllis were trapped inside. He was unable to save them.

daniel clashes with jeremy over phyllis.
Daniel Romalotti and Jeremy clash.

In the lounge, Jeremy started talking badly about the police, and he and Daniel clashed. Jeremy reminded him that he and Phyllis were legally married, and Daniel tore up the marriage license. Daniel told him to leave, but Jeremy wondered who would make him leave, and Nick said he would.

Chance came in, and he confirmed that Phyllis didn’t make it. Summer wailed and collapsed in Kyle’s arms while Daniel tearfully hugged his dad. Jeremy looked stoic and maybe a bit shifty.

Y&R Recap: One Step Ahead

At the bar at Society, Tucker (Trevor St. John) expressed his surprise that Audra (Zuleyka Silver) wanted to find JT (Thad Luckinbill). He let Audra know that JT used to work for him and that he’d gone to prison for the attempted murder of Victor.

Audra let Tucker know that JT had a medical issue that led to his behavior, and she said she wanted to feature him in a medical podcast. He pointed out how it would affect Victoria, and he also noted Victor and Nikki wouldn’t want it. Tucker couldn’t figure out why Audra would jeopardize the good thing she had going at Newman Media.

Tucker didn’t believe Audra, though. He was onto her rivalry with Victoria over Nate’s attention. Audra denied it, though, and she let Tucker know that JT was released from prison early because of his tumor. Still, she hadn’t located him, and she wanted Tucker to help. Tucker agreed, but he let Audra know it would cost her.

Audra wasn’t pleased that Tucker wanted something in return for his help. Tucker didn’t know what he wanted, but she would be in his debt. Audra didn’t like that, so she said she’d find JT herself. He didn’t think JT would want to talk to her — a stranger. Audra admitted that Tucker’s intel on JT was occasionally useful, but she wasn’t willing to give him a blank check. He promised it’d be of comparable value. Audra agreed to think about it, and he told her not to take too long.

Victoria, Nikki, and Victor stopped at Society on their way home. Nikki apologized for attempting to bring Jeremy to town, but it was Phyllis who really did it. They all talked about how upsetting the whole thing was. Nikki said she would never have urged Phyllis to get back at Diane, but Victor reminded his wife that Phyllis does whatever she wants.

The Newmans noticed that Audra talked with Tucker at the bar, and Victoria let her parents know they were old friends. However, Victor and Nikki didn’t quite believe that Audra was on the up and up. Victor wanted to learn more about Audra.

Victor got a call and he relayed that Phyllis’s ambulance was on fire. Victoria worried about Summer. Audra walked by and checked in with Victoria, and she noted how unlucky it was that Tucker was there. Victor asked Audra to join them, so she did. He wanted to know what Tucker and Audra had talked about, and she said she was keeping her enemies close.

Victor said Tucker wasn’t a worthy adversary, and he wanted to know if Audra talked him into selling to Newman. Audra pointed out that Devon had to turn down Tucker, but Victoria said that she wouldn’t be surprised if he said yes. However, Victor thought that Devon dropping the lawsuit would leave the company available for them. Audra said goodbye.

Victoria didn’t appreciate that her dad dropped the news about Devon in front of Audra. She wanted to remain one step ahead of her employees. Nikki returned to the table after a call with an update that they had no new news. Nikki wanted to go home, so she and Victor left while Victoria stayed to finish her drink. Victoria went to the bar to buy Tucker a drink.

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