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Adam Newman Makes A Shocking Admission To Chelsea

The Y&R recap for Thursday, February 2, 2023, has Adam saying what he really wants.

young and the restless recap for february 2, 2023 has adam newman sitting with chelsea at crimson lightsAdam Newman opens up to Chelsea.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday brings a shocking admission from Adam Newman as he and Chelsea talk about his current situation.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Additionally, Adam (Mark Grossman) confronted Kyle and Summer at Jabot after Jack had talked with his son about conspiring with Victor. Summer also let her grandpa know she didn’t like him including her husband in his scheming. Nikki told Diane that she knew what was up, and Chance returned the money Jack had given to Jeremy. Finally, Billy and Chelsea prepared to go out as friends. Now let’s dive deeper into what happened.

Adam Newman Opens Up On Young and the Restless

Adam saw Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) at Crimson Lights. They decided to sit together as they waited for Billy (Jason Thompson) to bring the boys back from skating. Chelsea immediately realized Adam wasn’t himself, and he relayed that Victor was sabotaging him at Jabot. Chelsea understood and expressed her condolences.

Not surprisingly, he relayed Victor’s whole plan to Chelsea, and Adam admitted he wasn’t happy at Jabot, which was ironic. Ultimately, Adam didn’t fit into the culture at the cosmetics company, and he reluctantly said that Victor’s instincts were dead on.

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Chelsea expressed her surprise, and Adam revealed it was the first time he’d admitted he wasn’t happy at Jabot. He knew he sounded ungrateful for what Jack had given him, but Chelsea gave him the same advice that he’d given her when she was getting burned out. Adam said he’d been slacking big time, and Chelsea said that didn’t sound like him. They talked more about the situation, and Chelsea wondered if Adam would return to Newman if Victor made him a truly great offer.

Adam couldn’t imagine a scenario in which he’d return, but Chelsea insisted Victor might have some real plans to bring Adam back into the fold. Billy walked in with Connor (Judah Mackey) and Johnny (Paxton Mishkind). Adam seemed uncomfortable and unhappy with the smiles Billy and Chelsea exchanged over the boys’ antics.

adam newman with billy johnny conner and chelsea at crimson lights
Adam Newman looks irritated while Chelsea, Billy, Connor, and Johnny talk at Crimson Lights.

As the boys gathered their things to leave, Billy confirmed later plans with Chelsea. Of course, Adam made a face when he heard the plans. Later, Billy knocked on Chelsea’s door, and she said it was a big deal to go out with a friend. He reminded her if it was ever too much, to let him know, and she said she wouldn’t do it with anybody else.

Young and the Restless: Family Matters

Summer (Allison Lanier) met Victor (Eric Braeden) at Society, and they caught up with each other. Victor commented on how stunning it was that Diane had entrenched herself into everybody’s lives, given her history. However, Summer told her grandfather that she was tired of all the plots and schemes that went on in the Newman and Abbott families, and she not-so-subtly expressed her desire to avoid all the drama.

“Please stop trying to get Kyle to help you with your plan to punish Adam,” Summer said.

She explained to Victor how all the secrets caused lots of friction in her marriage and told Victor to stop asking Kyle about it. She went on to mention that Jack shouldn’t have hired Adam, and she declared Adam hadn’t changed and he was still calculated and transactional. While Victor acknowledged that Summer told the truth, he reminded her that Adam is his son. He promised to give Summer’s concerns about his continued feud with Jack a lot of thought.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) walked into The Grand Phoenix, and Diane (Susan Walters) greeted her, but Nikki wasn’t at all willing to be friendly. She firmly told Diane that she knew all about her and Jack being behind their break-in. Diane tried to deny it.

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diane jenkins and nikki newman at the grand phoenix on the young and the restless
Diane Jenkins gloats about her relationship with Jack to Nikki Newman.

She let Diane know that she had hidden cameras, but Diane didn’t buy it since she hadn’t already told Chance that it was Jack who’d broken in. Next, Nikki noted that Diane seemed overly confident that she’d gotten away with another crime. Ultimately, Diane admitted she and Jack were back together, and Nikki got lots of digs in, but Diane gave as good as she got. Diane warned Nikki to get used to her and Jack’s relationship and leave them alone.

At Jabot, Jack (Peter Bergman) called Kyle (Michael Mealor) into his office, and he told his son about the rumor he was trying to help Victor oust Adam — surely it wasn’t true. Ah, but it was true, and Kyle wasn’t at all ashamed to tell his dad he’d considered Victor’s scheme. Moreover, Kyle gave his opinion on Adam working at Jabot, and he noted that Adam hadn’t done much since he started the job. Jack admitted that Adam hadn’t done well since he’d been at Jabot, but that wasn’t Kyle or Victor’s business.

Kyle warned his father that Adam was dragging down Jabot and didn’t deserve a position of authority at the company. Jack told Kyle that he would address Adam without regard to Victor or Kyle’s wishes. Jack changed the topic to Kyle’s conversation with Diane, and Kyle said he was trying to be open to his and Diane’s romantic relationship. Kyle asked his dad to take precautions to protect himself, but he admitted he was cautiously optimistic for his parents.

kyle hugs summer at jabot y&r recap
Kyle and Summer hug at Jabot.

Alone in his dad’s office, Kyle remembered his mom’s latest promise to never abandon him. Summer walked in, and they hugged. They lamented their family concerns, and Summer reminded Kyle that he should be glad that he’d listened to her — he did decide to stay out of Victor’s plan, right?

Adam knocked on the door looking for Jack, and he let Summer know what Kyle had been up to. Summer insisted that Kyle had no part in the whole thing, while Kyle looked guilty. Ultimately, Kyle asked Adam to admit he didn’t even want to be at Jabot, and Adam walked out without a word. Summer turned around and looked disappointed in Kyle.

Y&R Recap: Chance Chancellor Smells A Rat

Jack went home, and Chance (Conner Floyd) showed up. He was there on official police business, on behalf of the Chicago Police Department. He had a briefcase with $500,000 in it that police had found in Jeremy’s suite. Consequently, Jack admitted it was his.

Chance found it strange that Jack and Diane had told him they were in Jeremy’s room to talk about Diane’s debt. Not surprisingly, he wanted to know why Jack hadn’t mentioned the briefcase full of cash. In Chance’s mind, it all worked out conveniently for Jack.

jack and chance y&r recap
Chance Chancellor seems to realize something is up with Jack.

Chance left, and Diane showed up. He was all smiles after getting back the $500,000 he’d given to Jeremy, and Diane was relieved. Didn’t it all work out perfectly?

Of course, Diane’s run-in with Nikki was a bit less than perfect. As a result, she let Jack know that Nikki knew they’d been behind the robbery, but Nikki didn’t have proof. Diane admitted that she’d said more than she should have. She whined that Nikki pushed her buttons and admitted she told Nikki to get used to her and Jack’s relationship.

Nikki met up with Victor at Society, and she complained about Jack and Diane’s reunion. Victor declared they deserved each other.

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