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Adam Newman Accepts Victor’s Job Offer With One Major Condition

The Y&R recap for Friday, February 27, 2023, brings a surprising condition from Adam Newman.

young and the restless recap for february 17, 2023, has adam newman talking to his father Victor as they sit togetherAdam has one condition for Victor Newman.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, February 17, 2023, brings Adam Newman accepting Victor’s job offer, but he has a huge condition.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Kyle (Michael Mealor) begs Summer to forgive him…again, but she’s not ready just yet. Phyllis butts into Daniel, Heather, and Lucy’s breakfast before running into Jeremy Stark, and the latter lets a stunned Jack and Diane know that he’s back in town. Now let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Adam Newman Compliments Kyle

kyle confronts adam newman at jabot
Kyle confronts Adam Newman at Jabot.

Adam walked into Jabot, and Kyle snarkily asked what he was doing there. The two traded barbs, and Adam admitted he was there to pick up his things. He reminded Kyle that he’d resigned instead of being fired, and he advised Kyle to make up with Jack. He also advised the younger man that it wasn’t a good idea to team up with Victor. Ultimately, Adam left Kyle with a compliment — he admired Kyle for going to extremes to protect his family.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane (Susan Walters) flirted, and Summer (Allison Lanier) walked in. She clearly wasn’t happy to see Diane and snarked at her. Jack warned her about her tone. Summer apologized, noting it wasn’t intentional, and she admitted that she was furious with Kyle.

summer looks on as jack and diane canoodle on the couch at the abbott mansion
Summer isn’t thrilled to see Jack and Diane.

She ranted about it, and Jack reminded Summer that in life, nearly everything is forgivable. Jack resolved to put the whole thing behind him because Kyle was genuinely repentant. Summer softened, but she wasn’t quite ready to forgive her husband.

Summer showed up and said “hello,” but told Kyle she wasn’t sure she was talking to him. Adam walked through and said his goodbyes. Summer wasn’t happy when Adam said he understood Kyle’s actions with Victor, and she told her uncle to stop excusing her husband. Kyle wanted to know why Adam had forgiven him, but Summer couldn’t. She said Adam wasn’t married to Kyle, and he admitted he’d lost sight of their marriage promises.

Kyle asked Summer to forgive him and move forward, but she wondered if he was just sorry that he got caught. She pointed out how much he’d hurt her by not trusting her, and Kyle said it was a mistake, but Summer wasn’t convinced. He didn’t deny anything Summer said, but he reiterated that he felt sorry. Summer worried that sweeping it under the rug would allow it to happen again.

Kyle declared Summer his best friend, and he promised never to lose sight of their love again. Summer said he’d betrayed her, and she didn’t think she could get past it. She asked for Kyle’s patience and time.

Young and the Restless: Not So Happy Family

Daniel (Michael Graziadei), Heather (Vail Bloom), and Lucy had breakfast at Society. Lucy spent her time on her phone, and Heather and Daniel disagreed on how to handle the girl’s rude behavior. As Daniel asked Heather to let it slide, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) showed up, surprised to see them.

lucy on her phone as she, daniel, and heather eat breakfast at society
Daniel tries to get Lucy’s attention while Heather looks on.

Obviously, nobody appreciated seeing Phyllis, and Daniel tried to tell her it wasn’t a good time. Lucy greeted her as “Phyllis,” and Heather corrected her to say “Grandma,” but Phyllis said Lucy had been right the first time. She wondered why Heather hadn’t let her know that she was coming to Genoa City, and Daniel told his mom to stop. He relayed that things hadn’t worked out, and they left Phyllis there.

Phyllis took a seat at the bar, and Diane and Jack walked in. Diane informed Phyllis she and Jack were together. Phyllis called Jack out on his double standard for her and Diane, but he said Diane relaying their relationship news was nothing like what Phyllis had done. He suggested that they move forward with kindness and understanding, but Phyllis wasn’t willing to, so she left.

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As Phyllis walked out, Jeremy came in. He walked over to Jack and Diane’s table, and they weren’t pleased to see him. Jeremy asked to join them, but Jack refused him and told the ex-con to tell them what he wanted. Jeremy said he wanted money, not petty revenge. He congratulated Diane for getting one over on him twice, and he warned Jack to pay attention to her. Jeremy also announced his plans to stay in Genoa City for a long while.

Jeremy left, and he confronted Phyllis for watching. He offered her the chance to get in on his plans, and Phyllis called him deranged and walked away. Inside, Diane lost her mind over Jeremy’s return, and Jack tried to reassure her that they could get him out of their life.

As Daniel, Heather, and Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) walked back to their rooms, Heather excused herself and took Lucy’s phone. The teen wasn’t thrilled about that, and she went into Daniel’s suite. He asked if Lucy was okay, and she said she was fine, but Daniel said she didn’t seem fine. They started talking about their favorite colors. Lucy’s was sage green, and Daniel’s was blue.

Lucy told her dad how hard it had been to go to Portugal without him, and she said she’d bought a blue bracelet so she’d remember she’d once had a dad who’d loved her. Daniel tearfully apologized to his daughter for not being the type of father she could tell her friends about.

She wanted to know why he’d acted poorly, and he said he was only focused on himself. However, he was becoming his old self again, but Lucy wanted to know if he’d ever thought about what he did hurt her, and Daniel admitted he hadn’t. Lucy gave him her bracelet so he could remember he had a daughter the next time things got tough.

Y&R Recap: Adam Newman Accepts…With One Condition

Earlier, Victor (Eric Braeden) was at Crimson Lights, and Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) walked in. Victor realized he was the “slimeball” who stole his wife’s necklace. He couldn’t believe that Jeremy was a free man, and Jeremy let Victor know that Diane and Jack framed him.

jeremy stark and victor newman at crimson lights
Jeremy tries to form an alliance with Victor Newman.

Jeremy tried to build an alliance with Victor since they both despised Jack and Diane, but Victor said that even though Jeremy was the enemy of his enemy didn’t mean they were friends. Victor warned the man not to use anybody in his family as a pawn.

Adam (Mark Grossman) walked into the coffee shop and went to sit with his dad. He congratulated Victor on accomplishing his goal — Adam resigned from Jabot. Victor denied it, but Adam told him Kyle already admitted it, and Adam let his dad know he didn’t belong at Jabot. Of course, the ends didn’t justify Victor’s means, but Adam did want to know phase two of his dad’s plan.

Again, Victor denied having a phase two, but Adam didn’t buy it, so Victor told his son he belonged at Newman Enterprises where he was challenged. Adam asked his dad what challenge he had for him. Victor hated that Adam saw things so cynically, and Adam called it a Newman trait. Victor told Adam he was always welcome at his company. Adam accepted the offer with one condition — give him Victoria’s job.

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