Y&R Happiness Project: Will Billy Abbott Ever Figure Himself Out?

What does this overly privileged man really want?

Young and the Restless Billy Abbott

Because he doesn’t have to worry about making a living, affording a place to live, having enough food to eat, or providing for his children, Billy Abbott can spend the bulk of his The Young and the Restless days gazing at his navel and trying to figure out life’s most pressing question: What makes him happy?

Young and the Restless Polling

He certainly seems poised to make that endeavor his next full-time job. Will he ever figure it out? Here’s what over 2,000 voters think the answer to Billy’s (Jason Thompson) question is.

Billy Abbott: Hobby Lobby

Billy knows what makes him happy, 49% of you interject. It was his podcast. Nothing ever made Billy happier than a vanity project where he could set his own hours, work whenever he felt like it, had no one to report to, and could talk incessantly about himself…while imagining that thousands of people were not only listening to him, but also that they cared what he had to say. Who wouldn’t love that?

Y&R Never Enough

Billy is one of those people who will never be happy, 30% of the audience feels like they’ve got his number. Look at his gambling addiction. He’s always chasing the next high. No matter how much he wins, it’s never enough. Look at his personal life. How many times has he been deliriously happy with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), only to decide that she’s not enough? She didn’t support him enough. She didn’t cheer him on enough. She didn’t love him enough. Why should work be any different?

Billy Abbott: Spoiled Brat

This is the guy who has always had his every whim and wish catered to, 21% remind. He wants what he wants, when he wants it, as soon as the thought pops into his head. So how could he possibly be happy in a relationship or a job where other people might have wants of their own? If Billy can’t win, then he’ll take his ball and go home.

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