Tell All: Should Y&R’s Elena Dawson Have Blabbed Nate’s Plan?

Or did Nate do the right thing?

Young and the Restless Elena Dawson and Nate Hastings

Elena Dawson is so furious with Nate Hastings becoming a corporate spy on The Young and the Restless that she not only broke off their relationship, she made plans to leave Genoa City for good — this town ain’t big enough for the both of them!

Young and the Restless Polling

What she did not do, however, was tell Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) what her ex had planned for their company. Did Elena (Brytni Sarpy) do the right thing?

Go For It

Elena totally should have blabbed a majority 70% of you are disappointed. It’s not enough to just call out someone for doing the wrong thing, you have to prevent them from doing the wrong thing and hurting people! If Elena really believed Nate’s actions will damage Lily, Devon, and Billy, not to mention Nate himself, then exposing his machinations was the only right thing to do.

Elena Dawson: Pick a Card

A much smaller 17% of viewers were open to the idea, but it would have depended on how Elena chose to do it. Who she told, when she told, and how she did it matters. Of course, in the end, Nate went ahead and told the truth anyway, though he held back a couple of facts, like Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is the one he’s colluding with. So, in the end, Elena keeping mum was actually a good thing. It forced Nate to step up, AND it allowed him to tell her he’d done it all for her!

Loyalty Oath

Only 13% are happy Elena kept quiet. A little bit for the reasons above — let Nate take responsibility for his own actions — but mostly because you figure Elena owes Nate her loyalty, no matter what. Who cares how you feel — stand by your man, woman!

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