Happy Couple: Should Lauren and Michael Baldwin Be on Y&R More?

Or will that wreak havoc with their happily ever after?

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and Michael Baldwin Y&R

Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and Michael Baldwin made a rare appearance on The Young and the Restless in order to tell Sally Spectra she is forgiven for acting…no worse than Lauren did in her youth, and certainly not nearly as bad as Michael’s crimes.

Y&R Polling

Then Michael (Christian Le Blanc) ran off to be Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) hatchet man, as usual. And that was enough of them for the month. Should this happy couple be on more often?

Michael Baldwin Dream On

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael are who all Genoa City couples should aspire to be. They’ve been married for decades. They still turn each other on. They are in synch about their troubled son, and they both have careers they love — which the other totally supports. Lauren and Michael should be front and center every day so that the rest of the town can see what a healthy, grown-up relationship is supposed to look like, 52% demonstrate.

Good As It Gets On Y&R

What they need is a good story, 40% of the voters clarify. Just having dinner at Society every once in a while isn’t a story. And when we say good story, we don’t mean one of them cheating or a breakup. Let’s see what’s going on with Fen (Zach Tinker), or have Michael realize that he can’t keep doing Victor’s dirty work for him — and then have them both deal with the resultant rage…as a united front.

As Is On The Baldwins

We’re good, 8% of the audience reassures. We like seeing Michael and Lauren as the happy, well-adjusted, safe, and mature couple. We certainly don’t want Lauren to go back to her teen bitch ways, or, God forbid, for Michael to revert to his criminal past. So stay the course, eat your dinner, mentor the young people…and live happily ever after…off-camera.

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