Cut It Out: Should Victor Stop Victoria on The Young and the Restless?

Young and the Restless Victoria and VictorYoung and the Restless Victoria and Victor

After almost four decades of bending to Daddy’s will on The Young and the Restless, Victoria Newman has finally announced she’ll be making her own decisions from now on.

Young and the Restless Polling

And if those decisions involve walking away from the company she blackmailed Daddy into giving her and reuniting with the man who played Daddy for a fool, well, that’s her choice, isn’t it?

No, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) sighed, tired after all these years of explaining it to her. It’s not. As he lamented to Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), Victoria (Amelia Heinle) has no idea what she’s doing. She’s making a massive mistake. Should Victor cut hit daughter off at the knees?

Y&R: Grown and Flown

How old is Victoria (Amelia Heinle) now, 76% of the wonder. Close to 50, right? How many times has she been married? Her oldest son must be almost out of college by now, right? What we’re saying is, she’s a grown up.

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She’s certainly old enough to make her own decisions. And her own mistakes. Victor needs to step off. If she does something to hurt Newman Enterprises, then he can fight back. But for now, be the adult and face that you’ve lost this round.

Young and the Restless: Love Is Blind

Emotion clouds your judgment, 17% remind, and love is the worst emotion of all. Victoria is totally blinded by her feelings for Ashland Locke (Robert Newman). Luckily, love is an emotion Victor never feels. Which makes him the perfect person to explain to Victoria why she’s in the wrong, and why he is entitled to stop her.

Y&R: Try, Try Again

A tiny 7% shrug and concede that Victor can go ahead and try, but suspect he’ll fail. The main thing wrong with Victoria is that she’s exactly like Victor. She thinks she’s always right, and she listens to no one. It’s the unstoppable force meeting the immobile object. Something’s got to give. And it won’t be either one of them.

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