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Nick Newman Makes Sally Spectra A Big Promise

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, February 7 brings a big promise from Nick to Sally.

nick newman makes sally spectra a big promis in the young and the restless recapNick Newman makes a big promise to Sally.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, February 7, 2023, brings a big promise from Nick Newman to Sally Spectra.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) sidestepped Adam’s questions about her friend and business partner. Jack asked Diane to move in with him, and after she packed her bags, Tucker gave her a warning. Nate promised Elena a romantic weekend, and later, he wanted to talk to Victoria about their kiss, but she wanted to brush it under the rug. However, Victoria did insist that Victor and Michael let Nate in on their plans for Tucker. Finally, Tessa visited Elena for a mom-to-be pep talk.

Y&R Recap: Nick Newman Is A Supportive Boyfriend

In her hotel room alone, Sally (Courtney Hope) made an appointment for a paternity test, thanking the doctor for squeezing her in. She decided to call Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Adam. Chloe stopped by, and Sally updated her on telling Nick the truth about her baby daddy worries.

sally tells chloe about her paternity test plan y&r recap
Sally Spectra tells Chloe about her paternity test plan.

Chloe didn’t think it was a big deal, but Sally worried Nick was just hedging his bets. Sally stressed over the possibility that Adam could be her baby’s father, which would change everything between her and Nick. Chloe declared Nick wouldn’t walk away, but Sally said she was getting a paternity test that day — she just needed swabs from herself, Nick, and Adam.

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Chloe told Sally she couldn’t tell Adam, but Sally reminded her friend that Adam was a good father and co-parented fine. However, Chloe had a good idea — Sally should do the test with Nick first in hopes that he ended up being the dad. Nick showed up, and Chloe left.

Sally asked Nick how he was doing, and he said nothing changed — they were together. However, she couldn’t understand why Nick would stick with her if the baby wasn’t his. Nick admitted that he had feelings for Sally. She let him know that she had a paternity test scheduled.

Nick was shocked, and he wanted to know if she’d told Adam. Sally admitted that she was only going to tell Adam if she had to, and he supported her choice. She asked for total honesty from Nick, and Sally wondered how Nick would feel if she let Adam know before the test. Nick just wanted to do the right thing, and he promised to have Sally’s back. She asked Nick to come with her so that they could get the test done as soon as possible.

chloe wants to know what's wrong with adam.
Chloe wonders what’s wrong with Adam Newman.

Chloe walked into Crimson Lights, and she wasn’t thrilled to see Adam (Mark Grossman). He begged Chloe to tell him what was going on with Sally. However, Chloe told Adam to stop meddling in Sally’s life. Of course, Chloe went too far by saying how bonded Sally and Nick were, which piqued Adam’s interest.

Young and the Restless: What Kiss?

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) found herself distracted from work by memories of her kiss with Nate (Sean Dominic). Nick walked in, interrupting her daydream. Victoria relayed she’d brainstormed with Nate about how to hook Daniel’s gaming platform and how to take over McCall Industries. Nick wasn’t entirely convinced, though.

Victoria wanted to know what was weighing on Nick, and she wanted to help. He didn’t deny it, and Victoria continued on about it being Sally and how horrible it was for him to be involved with that woman. She suggested that Nick shouldn’t be with Sally, but he let his sister know that his girlfriend was off-limits.

elena and nate kiss y&r recap
Elena and Nate kiss.

At his penthouse, Nate greeted Elena (Brytni Sarpy) with a passionate kiss, and he wordlessly led her upstairs. Elena suggested Nate take a personal day, but he claimed he had to get to the office. He promised her a special romantic getaway for the weekend, and he left for work.

Elena answered a knock at the door, and she was surprised to see Tessa (Cait Fairbanks). It turned out that Delphine had Braxton Hicks, so the baby wasn’t born yet. Tessa admitted the whole thing freaked her out, and she worried something might go wrong during the birth.

Unfortunately for Tessa, Elena said that she and Mariah really couldn’t do much to ensure everything went smoothly with the birth. The doctor advised Tessa to stop stressing because there wasn’t any reason to think anything would go wrong.

Elena realized something was wrong, and Tessa admitted that she felt a bit left out since she’d never been pregnant or given birth before. She felt unprepared for motherhood. Elena reassured Tessa that her feelings were totally normal, and she felt confident Tessa would be a great mother. Before she left, Tessa noticed how happy Elena looked — she and Nate were both happy together.

At Newman Media, Nate and Victoria ran into each other, and it was awkward. He wanted to clear the air, but she ignored the kiss. Instead, she focused on the ideas they’d had, offering to have more meetings like that — professional meetings. They walked into Victoria’s office, and Victor asked Nate to let him and Michael have a conversation with Victoria alone.

However, Victoria wanted Nate to stay, despite Victor pointing out that it had nothing to do with Newman Media. Victoria let her dad know that Nate’s input would benefit them all.

Y&R Recap: Home Sweet Home

Jack (Peter Bergman) invited Diane to move into the Abbott mansion, and she felt nervous but agreed. Later, he stopped by the ranch, and Victor (Eric Braeden) welcomed him with some snarky comments about hiding the jewelry and silver. Jack wasn’t interested in playing games, though. He wanted to warn Victor about plotting against Adam at Jabot. Jack told Victor he’d better stop using Kyle as part of his plot.

Of course, Victor denied trying to undermine Adam. He did, however, note that Adam wasn’t doing well at Jabot, and he insulted Jack’s management and mentorship. Victor mentioned Diane, and Jack told his old foe that he should have better things to do than worry about his personal life.

Michael (Christian Le Blanc) walked in, and Jack left. Victor wanted an update on Tucker, and Michael revealed McCall Industries had an extraordinary amount of debt but not enough for Newman to gain outright control.

At The Grand Phoenix, Diane (Susan Walters) packed up her room. She smiled because she realized all her hopes and dreams. Diane walked out with her suitcase, and Tucker saw her and snarked about her leaving town. Diane happily told him that her life was on track and she was staying in town. She goaded him about Ashley, and he noted that Diane could easily lose her happiness.

y&r recap jack and diane kiss
Jack and Diane kiss after she moves in.

Diane walked into the Abbott mansion, and Jack greeted her with a kiss. He wondered where her things from Los Angeles were and offered to have them shipped. However, Diane said she didn’t want any of that stuff. Diane wondered if it was wrong to be as happy as she was, and Jack said people who mattered would come around.

As Diane and Jack kissed, Adam rang the doorbell. He wanted a minute with his co-Chief Executive Officer. Adam wanted to speak with Jack about things at Jabot, given Victor’s meddling, and he let Jack know that Kyle had been involved. Jack admitted that Victor knew an awful lot about Adam’s work, and Victor insisted that Kyle was lying to Jack.

Tucker went up to his room and called Ahsley. He left her a voicemail, telling her he wanted to come clean with her. Tucker offered to meet Ashley for lunch in Paris.

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