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Does Noah Newman Deserve Jail Time? See What Y&R Fans Have to Say!

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

It looks like Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) is about land in hot water with Billy’s (Jason Thompson) memory of the awful car accident coming back. If Billy, by some miracle, remembers the license plate number of the car that hit him, then Noah is in for a world of legal troubles.

Soap Hub wanted to know if fans think that Noah should go to jail for his role in the accident. While it was clearly non-intentional, the fallout led to an elaborate coverup sending the police on a wild chase to learn who’s at fault.

Out of 8,000 votes, a full 70% of you don’t think Noah deserves any charges at all. You know he didn’t mean to roll over a down-and-out Billy with his car, and the coverup spun out of control. You feel Victor (Eric Braeden) and Marisa (Sofia Pernas) deserve to be locked up since they’re the ones who forced him to stay quiet!

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A smaller 27% think his role in the coverup is why he deserves jail time. It’s too bad that Noah wasn’t honest from the start. Admitting to a mistake is a lot different than covering up what’s become a high profile crime. He may not have deserved prison time when it happened, but he does now for not telling the simple truth.

The final 3% don’t know what to think. Everyone agrees that Billy’s injuries aren’t Noah’s fault. He did nothing wrong and couldn’t have guessed that Billy was laying behind his car. What happens when the truth comes out is anyone’s guess. You just hope the blame goes to the right place.

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