The Young and the Restless

Here’s Why The Young and The Restless Teen Scene Debacle Needs Help!

Reed, Mattie and Charlie on The Young and the RestlessReed, Mattie and Charlie on The Young and the Restless

They’re certainly young and they’re certainly restless (YR)… but do the new Genoa City teens make any sense?

The year 2017 saw the debut of Victoria’s (Amelia Henile) son, Reed (Tristan Lake Lebeau) – born, for the record, on-screen in 2007, so he should be in second grade right now.

We also now have Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily’s (Christel Khalil) twins, Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) and Mattie (Lexie Stevenson) – born in 2010, so Mattie taking a full Advanced Placement course-load is REALLY advanced.

Fun fact: Charlie and Mattie are Cane and Lily’s biological children, but they were actually gestated by Mackenzie, due to Lily’s battle with ovarian cancer. Currently, Mackenzie is married to JT Hellstrom – Reed’s dad!

That’s either really cool… or really creepy.

What’s The Damage?
Reed got one glimpse of Mattie, and he was smitten. (It helped that he’d just been through some unnecessary drama with a couple of other girls.) Mattie got one glimpse of Reed, and she was smitten. (It helped that he was a musician.)

Charlie got one glimpse of Reed, and he hated him. Reed felt the same way. Uhm… why? For both things?

OK, so chicks dig musicians, but Mattie is supposed to be all about her studies. Just how long is she going to be entranced by a guy who’s already said he’s not into the school thing?

And other than the thrill of the chase, what does Reed see in a girl who has made it clear he’s real low on her priority list?

As for Charlie and Reed, OK, somebody was kissing somebody’s girl, and macho posturing commenced. But, really, the guys don’t even go to the same school, so what do they care what the other is up to?

Other, that is, than because the script says so.

Triangle Time
If Y&R is setting up a triangle wherein both Charlie and Mattie battle over Reed well, that would be fresh and interesting.

Except for the part where, as of now, there’s no reason for any of the three to be attracted – or repelled – by anybody else from the trio.

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