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Y&R Delusion Duet: Why Tucker McCall and Phyllis Are Perfect Together

How Tucker McCall and Phyllis’s crazy is so compatible on Young and the Restless!

tucker mccall wearing black and phyllis summers devious smile on young and the restlessTucker McCall and Phyllis Summers

Phyllis Summers just threw one of her world-famous Young and the Restless pity parties when she dared Tucker McCall to answer the question of what would happen if she were to blackmail all of Genoa City, then fake her own death, then return and claim she’d turned over a new leaf. We giggled because Phyllis’s tone suggested she hadn’t already done all of that…and worse.

Young and the Restless Shennanigans

And when she claimed that, unlike Diane Jenkins, she wouldn’t have been forgiven, we outright guffawed. But it was when Tucker both playfully needled her AND encouraged her delusions, throwing in a few of his own for good measure, that we began to get intrigued.

What’s Good For the Y&R Goose

Tucker (Trevor St. John), like Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), always sees himself as the hero of his own story. He, too, cannot understand what he could have possibly done to make both his son, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), and his ex-wife, Ashley (Eileen Davidson), cut their ties with him. Surely, he’s the wronged party here. Just like Phyllis.

Tucker McCall: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Phyllis and Tucker and their warped views of the world can do enough damage on their own. But can you imagine what they could accomplish together? They wouldn’t just be raining revenge on all the people they believe wronged them, they’d be egging each other on, even as they assured they were completely in the right.

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Phyllis and Tucker have both had people who loved them before. But neither has had someone who fed their view of themselves so thoroughly. Imagine the heights of narcissism they could reach!

Phyllis Summers: A Match Made in the Mirror

This is a pair who could take enabling to the next level and show all the other self-absorbed citizens of Genoa City how it’s done. Sure, currently, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) leads the pack, and he has Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) as his supportive yes-woman. But Nikki isn’t as deranged as Phyllis. Move over, Newmans, there could be a new power couple in town!

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