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Tributes We Didn’t Get To Hear at The Phyllis Summers Young and the Restless Memorial

What these Y&R folks could have said, if given the chance.

phyllis summers in disguise and her portrait at her memorial on young and the restless.Not everyone spoke at her Y&R memorial.

The tears and the compliments really flowed at the Phyllis Summers memorial service on The Young and the Restless. Sure, her best pals, Michael and Lauren, had sweet things to say. And her daughter, Summer, with whom Phyllis had a rather complicated relationship, naturally only wanted to remember the best about her mother.

Phyllis Summers: Young and the Restless No-Shows

But then, Nick (Joshua Morrow), Jack (Peter Bergman), and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), all of whom have been screwed over by Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) — more than once — joined the parade of praise. This led us to think about all the eulogies we didn’t hear…from people who couldn’t be there…for reasons directly related to Phyllis.

Y&R: Dazed and Confused

While Chance (Conner Floyd) got confirmation that it was Diane (Susan Walters) who allegedly bought the bottle of strychnine allegedly used to poison Phyllis, her son, Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei), biological father, Brian (Steven Culp), wasn’t there to recall, “Yeah, Phyllis drugged me so she could siphon off some blood to use in a paternity test that would prove that Danny (Michael Damian) was Daniel’s dad. Good times!”

Phyllis Summers: Seduced and Abandoned

Her onetime fiancé, psychiatrist Tim (Aaron Lustig), wasn’t there to wax poetic, “Phyllis and I were engaged. This was after she blackmailed me into giving false testimony at her and Danny’s divorce hearing, claiming they were perfectly suited to each other and should stay together. Oh, you know, our Phyllis! So wacky and full of life! Such hijinks! She took me on a romantic vacation to the Caribbean, where we played jokes on Christine (Lauralee Bell) and Paul (Doug Davidson). They were on their honeymoon, and we just wanted them to have an unforgettable time! Also, I’m dead now. Phyllis didn’t kill me. She just tried to hide my body so nobody would think she had.”

Young and the Restless: The Other Woman

Finally, there’s Sasha’s (Tina Arning) testimony, “I admit, I blackmailed Phyllis. And then, I admit, I let her into my hotel room to yell at me about it. And then, I admit, I let her slap me. I’m dead now. I was found passed out in my hotel room, a fire burning beneath my bed. Phyllis did not admit to killing me, even though she did admit to Malcolm [Shermar Moore] that she couldn’t believe what she’d just done. So I guess I’m just here to say, oh, that, Phyllis — what a kidder. My life would have been so different without her!”

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