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Simmer Down: Why Is Y&R’s Lily Winters So Panicked About This IPO?

Is it really too late to fix Nate’s betrayal?

Young and the Restless Lily Winters

On the one hand, we understand Lily Winters being in a general state of panic on The Young and the Restless. She is a former model with no college education and a year in prison on her resume who was handed a major, international cooperation to run because…she was there? Nah. It was probably because she was dating the owner’s son.

Young and the Restless: What Do I Do Now?

So because Jill Foster Abbott Atkinson (Jess Walton) still owns Chancellor-Winters – Lily (Christal Khalil) is just running the place, and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is, presumably, a minority stockholder, since his company wasn’t nearly as big as Jill’s when they merged – when Jill said let’s take this baby public, Lily didn’t really have a lot of options but to agree. Sure, let’s do that! Funzies!

Fly in the Y&R Ointment

What Lily didn’t know was that cousin Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) was feeding inside information to Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) so that she could buy up controlling interest. When Devon’s prodigal biological dad, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John), suddenly popped up in Genoa City, the Chancellor-Winters gang decided that he was there for their company, and so resolved to push the IPO forward, so that Tucker wouldn’t have enough time to marshall his resources. Nate went along with the plan.

Confession is Good for the Soul But Not For Lily Winters

But then Nate came clean – as a way to try and win back his departing girlfriend. Lily and Co. leaped to conclusions and assumed it was Tucker Nate was reporting to. He didn’t disabuse them of that notion.

This is when Lily freaked out, lambasting Nate for encouraging them to shorten the IPO’s timeline.

Now, we are not business moguls here. We aren’t even ex-models with a prison record. But… point of order, here… is there any reason why Lily can’t just… cancel the IPO? Real-life companies do it all the time. If there is no IPO, then there is no chance for Tucker – or Victoria – to swoop in and buy up controlling interest.

It seems like this is an easily solvable problem. Why is Lily acting like they are on a train that’s lost its breaks… and is headed off a cliff?

The brake is right there. Pull it!

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