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Here’s How Nate Hastings Works As Y&R’s Newest Villain

A ruthless Nate Hastings if far more interesting.

Nate Hastings The Young and the RestlessNate Hastings The Young and the Restless

Nate Hastings was a doctor doing good for people on The Young and the Restless, and that’s who Elena Dawson fell in love with. However, since he changed careers, Nate’s had a huge personality change, and now he’s one of the show’s newest villains even though he’s convinced himself he’s not.

Nate Hastings — Genoa City’s Newest Villain

It’s something of a shock, but after Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) sucker punch, Nate (Sean Dominic) hasn’t been the same. Sure, he tried to continue working in medicine, but without being a surgeon, Nate just couldn’t make it work. So, because he hated all the policies and paperwork as a hospital administrator, Nate chose to go into the business world — complete with politics and paperwork, but that’s neither here nor there.

Of course, Nate’s foray into a new profession seemed doomed from the get-go because he went to work with Devon — the man he at least in part blamed for losing his ability to perform surgery. While Nate felt he could waltz into the office and start dazzling everybody, Devon wanted his cousin to slow down and learn the ropes. Of course, that rankled Nate, and he had difficulty accepting that his cousin — the man he clearly blamed for losing the use of his hand for surgery — was higher in the office hierarchy than him.

A New Kind Of Ruthless

Now, Nate seems to have joined the dark side and turned entirely ruthless (did he read Victor Newman’s biography?!). Interestingly, he’s seemed to spin himself a story in his own mind to justify his devious plan to help sell off Chancellor-Winters to Newman Enterprises, but at the core, his plan is nothing but treachery against his family.

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Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) recently gave him advice to not feel guilty about his role in the business world and for being so ruthless, and it seems like Nate is taking her advice to heart. Of course, now that he’s made such a turn in personality, he seems like just the man for Victoria to team up with in business and perhaps even in her personal life since she seems to need somebody as cutthroat as herself to be happy.

Ultimately, although it’s a big departure, Nate is far more interesting and intriguing as a villain. He has a wonderful supervillain story of losing something so big at the hands of his family (never mind that his own actions led to it). We can’t help but find ourselves loving to hate Nate as he makes such dramatic changes.

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