The Young and the Restless

Phyllis and Nick Take A Shot At Adulting On The Young and the Restless

Phyllis and Nick on The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Nicholas Newman and Phyllis Summers have a sure-fire way to solve any problems. Anytime an issue comes up in their very dysfunctional relationship, the pair hit the sheets. Then they discuss how great the sex was. Then they order room service. Then they play video games.

The Young and the Restless: Rinse, Repeat

“We’re more than just sex and video games,” Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) ranted to Nick (Joshua Morrow). He wanted to know who described them that way. She was suspecting Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). But it was us. The day before Phyllis said it, we wrote it. It was kind of nice to hear Phyllis admit it.

Open Up

It was also nice to hear her suggest that they move on beyond that. Phyllis and Nick have always been the fun couple. They got together after Nick’s daughter, Cassie (Camryn Grimes) died, and his wife, Sharon (Sharon Case), wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. Nick and Phyllis had laughs. Even their (first) wedding was “wacky.” But wacky will only take you so far.

Let’s Get Real on The Young and the Restless

Wackiness didn’t help Nick deal when Phyllis completely lost her mind over poor, victimized Summer Newman (Hunter King). And it’s not helping Phyllis keep her chill as Nick embarks on his umpteenth battle with the father he doesn’t think respects him enough, or the brother who gave Nick’s daughter a kidney – but would still stick a knife in Nick’s back if necessary.

And they both finally admitted that love isn’t enough. Sex isn’t enough. Wackiness isn’t enough. Phyllis and Nick are facing some real issues. And, as it turns out, they are not prepared to do that.

Soap couples break up over misunderstandings and affairs that shouldn’t have happened and the evil machinations of others. It sure was nice to hear a couple talk out and agree that they’re breaking up because…they’re not mature enough to stick it out during the “for worse” part.

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