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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: DAYS Star Carson Boatman ‘Belize’ in Travel

The actor honeymooned in an island paradise.

Carson BoatmanCarson Boatman

Carson Boatman recently sat down with Soap Hub to chat about his travels, specifically his honeymoon to Belize. Find out the Days of our Lives star’s thoughts on getting away from it all.

Carson Boatman Appreciates Travel

The Salem newcomer exchanged wedding vows with his wife Julana Dizon shortly before he began airing on Days of our Lives as Johnny DiMera in August of 2021. Therefore, the actor and his bride were able to more fully enjoy their honeymoon in anonymity as a result.

Soap Hub: Where is your dream place to visit?

Carson Boatman: I don’t know. I’m always torn between warm air, warm water, and blue skies, like the Caribbean…or someplace with history and old culture, like Scotland, Ireland, or Spain.

Soap Hub: What has been your favorite place you’ve visited so far, and what inspired you to go there?
Carson Boatman: Belize, hands down. Julana [my wife] and I went for our honeymoon, and it was magical. We felt so welcomed by the locals and made a couple of new friends!

Soap Hub: If someone else were to go there, what places/sites would you tell them they must be sure to see while there? 
Carson Boatman: I would tell them to spend time by the water. Fishing, snorkeling, and drinking. We stayed at a resort which allowed all of the above. I would also say make sure you spend some time in the jungle. We stayed in a tree house resort near San Ignacio, where we took a four-hour horse ride through the jungle to some Mayan ruins.

Soap Hub: Do you have any recommendations for where to stay or where to go for food?
Carson Boatman: We stayed on an island resort for a few days and then at a resort called Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge resort, but there are so many great places! As for food, I always try to eat local. Wherever the people who live there are choosing to eat, has to be great, right?

Soap Hub: Do you have any special travel tips for anyone planning on going there?
Carson Boatman: I don’t know if it’s a tip or not, but we paid an airport employee $20 for him to help us bypass a long customs line. If we hadn’t, we would’ve missed our connecting flight. It probably saved us an hour.

Soap Hub: How did traveling there make you feel? 
Carson Boatman: The way I would describe the overall feeling of the trip was relaxing.

Soap Hub: Did it change you at all?
Carson Boatman: I think traveling to a new place always changes you. It opens your perspective to a different way of life. 

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