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Why Carter And Quinn Sleeping Together Is Great For Bold and the Beautiful

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With Hope and Liam reconnecting and Finn and Steffy engaged on The Bold and the Beautiful, it appears that most everyone is headed towards or are already happy. That’s why it was great to see Quinn and Carter take part in some extra-marital “love in the afternoon” romp that is sure to blow up their lives. Drama!

Bold and the Beautiful Going Bold

It’s not likely to be of much solace to either Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) husband Eric (John McCook) or Carter’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) former bride-to-be Zoe (Kiara Barnes), but Carter and Quinn didn’t set out to have sex in his apartment – or anywhere for that matter. Quinn was doing new pal Zoe a favor by talking to her former fiancé on Zoe’s behalf. Genuinely, Quinn’s original plan was to help reunite the two.

First, Quinn and Carter (affectionately dubbed “Quarter” by online supporters) chatted at Forrester Creations. Next Quinn took it upon herself to go over to Carter’s apartment to plead Zoe’s case. There, Quinn caught a look at Carter, who was clad only in boxers, as he was headed off to the gym and she didn’t mind being very honest about the man’s sculpted rock-hard body.

Alas, Carter hasn’t been intimate with a woman (or, we’re guessing, carbohydrates) in a while. At first, he thought Quinn was pushing a little too much by butting into his personal life, but then he began opening up to her, sharing his fears over giving Zoe another chance.

This all coincided with Quinn having marital problems. Yes, her husband Eric (John McCook) took her back into their home late last year, but he couldn’t fully welcome her back into his heart, given that Quinn had schemed to break up Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) marriage.

Quinn tried but failed to get Eric interested in her sexually. She confided in Carter that Eric actually recoiled when she went to touch him. (Ouch.) “I know I come off tough as nails, but…sometimes, I just want to be held,” Quinn confessed to Carter.

Quinn’s faith in Eric was hardly reinforced after she spied his ex-wife Donna (Jennifer Gareis) straightening his tie as he was about to head off on a business trip. Sure, Quinn’s strong and she goes for what she wants, but her loneliness can’t exactly be denied.

Carter has seen Quinn in a way that very few ever have, a vulnerable woman truly fearful she’ll never get her husband back in her life. As they each listened to the other’s concerns, the bond between them grew. “I want a real visceral connection with someone,” Carter told Quinn.

Carter made the first move, putting his hand on Quinn’s face, caressing it. Then Quinn brought her hands up to Carter’s chest, undoing his shirt. There was no turning back now and neither Quinn nor Carter were interested in doing that.

This unexpected pairing will certainly energize the BB story canvas. Everyone’s going to be able to have a reaction to this development. Zoe will blast Quinn for betraying her. All of Quinn’s naysayers will be doing the “I told you so” dance. Donna might see a pathway to a reunion with her “honey bear.”

The late Stephanie (Susan Flannery), Eric’s first wife, watched for years as Eric took younger women as lovers and wives. Certainly, Eric’s going to know how Stephane felt if and when he discovers that Quinn has cheated on him with Carter.

BB’s always blended boardroom and bedroom successfully (remember the battle for BeLieF?) and it may be positioned to do that again in light of recent developments. Eric could certainly want Carter out of Forrester Creations as its Chief Operating Officer (COO) if and when he discovers his wife’s infidelity. (Can you blame him?)

Yet, Carter knows the inner workings of the fashion house. What might he be able to do with all that knowledge if Forrester tossed him out without a thorough separation agreement?

The ramifications of this passionate affair could and likely will reverberate well into the future. Stay tuned — the drama and excitement have just begun! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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