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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Carter Walton

The Bold and the Beautiful Carter WaltonThe Bold and the Beautiful Carter Walton

Poor Carter Walton. The Bold and the Beautiful’s big-hearted legal eagle and jack-of-all-trades seems forever destined to be the wedding officiant and never the groom.

Who Is Carter Walton?

Carter is the son of Jerry Walton and the adoptive brother of Marcus. The former Texas native and Chula Vista resident arrived in Los Angeles in order to reunite with Marcus, who’d not only discovered that he was Donna Logan and Justin Barber’s biological child but had also been adopted by Forrester patriarch Eric and married to Dayzee Leigh.

At Dayzee’s request, Carter became embroiled in a search for Maya Avant’s adopted child. However, his search yielded tragic news: the babe and her newly acquired family had all perished in a car accident.

Putting Down Roots

Though he had dabbled in family law, Carter’s legal expertise was in patents and counterfeiting. Rick Forrester, whose family garment business had frequent trouble in both areas, offered Carter a job – which was enthusiastically accepted.

After settling in at Forrester Creations, Carter grew closer to Maya and asked her out on a date. During a later dinner party at the Forrester mansion, he noticed how uncomfortable she seemed around Rick.

Caroline Spencer informed Carter that Maya and Rick had been an item long ago and she encouraged him to pursue Maya, whom she assured was ready to move on. When he became wary of the idea – especially after realizing how deeply Maya’s feelings for Rick truly were – Caroline schemed to unite the pair.

Love, It’s Complicated

Off his debut as a runway model, Carter was cast as one of the two principal players in a web series titled Room 8. Much to his chagrin, Maya was hired to play his leading lady. Thanks to Caroline’s machinations, the recorded footage was re-edited to make “Lance” and “Scarlett’s” interactions with one another appear far more steamy than originally intended.

Carter became swept up in the fantasy and asked Maya to sleep with him – in spite of her budding romance with Rick. Though they didn’t become lovers, Carter and Maya did kiss and when Rick wrongly assumed that something more untoward had transpired, he retaliated by having sex with Caroline.

In response to witnessing Maya nurse her broken heart, Carter penned a special Room 8 script that served as his proposal of marriage. Maya accepted but remained non-committal when it came time to set a wedding date.

When Carter learned that his fiancée had propositioned Rick in the company’s steam room, he called off the engagement. Despite his pain, Carter played the part of Maya’s conscience and sounding board as she struggled to deal with a number of stress-inducing developments – chief among them her discovery that Caroline (then Rick’s wife) had kissed Ridge and the sudden arrival of her younger sister, Nicole.

Thanks to his eavesdropping on a conversation between the estranged siblings, Carter learned Maya’s most closely-guarded secret: she was a transgender woman. He felt betrayed that Maya had never disclosed her status but he also championed her when a bigoted public was made aware of her circumstance.

Carter Walton – Much In Demand

As a licensed officiant, Carter has overseen – and blessed – a whole host of Forrester family unions. His first was the deeming of Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester, which was followed by services for couples such as Rick and Caroline, Ridge and Brooke, and Thomas and Hope.

Carter also served as legal counsel on a number of important cases including the prosecution of Sally Spectra (on charges of grand larceny and industrial espionage) and representing Ridge when he stood accused of attempting to murder Bill Spencer.

He also assisted Katie Logan in her bid for sole custody of Will Spencer, Eric Forrester in the preparation of his will, and Steffy in her adoption of a child that was, in actuality, Hope and Liam’s presumed dead daughter.

When the truth was outed, Carter helped Hope extricate herself from Thomas’s clutches and was disheartened to watch Zoe Buckingham – a woman to whom he had grown close – rush into a relationship with the obviously unhinged scion. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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