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VIDEO FLASHBACK: Stephanie Admits She Faked Her Heart Attack To Reunite Ridge And Taylor!

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

Video Credit: Miketayfan

Nobody did manipulation like Stephanie Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. She never hesitated to pull strings, pay people off, or do whatever she had to in order to get what she wanted!

After Taylor (Hunter Tylor) came back from the dead in 2005, but Ridge (Ronn Moss) had already moved on to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Stephanie (Susan Flannery) decided to fake a heart attack, hoping it would prompt Ridge to grant her “dying” wish, leave Brooke, and return to Taylor.

The plan worked, and once again Brooke was defeated.

So Brooke teamed up with Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) to get evidence that Steph had lied. They forced her to come clean at the wedding of Nick (Jack Wagner) and Bridget (Ashley Jones).

Steph confessed all in scenes that encapsulate both the character of Stephanie and her rivalry with Brooke. First, though, she chastised Ridge, Eric, and Thorne (Winsor Harmon) for letting Brooke into their family, questioned Bridget’s forgiveness of Brooke, and informed Thorne that he was Brooke’s substitute for Ridge. (Ouch!)

Then, Stephanie turned to Brooke and let her know how she felt about her. “Oh, we know your defense. Everything you say at the moment is exactly what you mean. Well, I can’t live in a world where truth is served up like a fast food – hot, one moment, and cold and greasy, the next…”

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Video Credit: Stefffylove

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