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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Maggie

The Bold and the Beautiful MaggieThe Bold and the Beautiful Maggie

Throughout soap opera history, wealthy characters – like the Forresters on The Bold and the Beautiful – have had relatives that are not as well-off financially. That’s what viewers were reminded of when Eric Forrester’s sister-in-law Maggie (played by fan-favorite Barbara Crampton) made the scene in the mid-90s.

Darling Daughter
Viewers had already met Jessica, Maggie’s daughter with her estranged husband John. When Maggie came to town, Jessica learned that her parents were headed for splitsville. While Jessica had adjusted nicely to living with Stephanie at the Forrester mansion, Maggie appeared more enthusiastic about her wealthy in-laws!

Kissing Dylan
Maggie shared a romantic dalliance with a young man – not knowing that he was Dylan, the on-again/off-again boyfriend of her daughter. They decided to break things off so that Jessica wouldn’t be harmed. Stephanie got wind of the union and did her best to keep Maggie’s indiscretion from hurting her daughter. Eventually, Jessica left town, never having learned that her beau and her mom had had an affair.

Phony Friends
Maggie struck up a friendship with Sheila Carter Forrester, who was carrying around some heavy baggage. Maggie learned just how volatile Sheila could be when she discovered that she was behind Stephanie’s mercury poisoning. The two women battled, and Sheila became impaled on a fireplace poker during the struggle! (Ouch!) Sheila may have seemed sympathetic with a piece of metal sticking out of her, but Maggie had her number!

Fighting Over James
Maggie and Sheila fought over the affections of Dr. James Warwick. Mike Guthrie, a former security officer, who was loyal to Sheila, kidnapped Maggie, hoping to please Sheila. She found a formidable foe in Maggie, who teamed up with Sheila’s nemesis, Lauren Fenmore, to try to bring Sheila down. After she won her freedom, Maggie kidnapped Sheila and locked her up in the house used in the movie Psycho.

Love Doctor
James and Maggie were about to marry when Sheila broke up the ceremony, announcing that she was pregnant with James’s baby. James asked Maggie to let him spend time with Sheila while he figured things out. Maggie left town after James appeared to fall for Sheila — for real.

Maggie hasn’t been seen since, but we know that her ex, John, remarried and had another daughter, Ivy Forrester. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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