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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember Jessica

The Bold and the Beautiful JessicaThe Bold and the Beautiful Jessica

At the time, The Bold and the Beautiful had phased out its initial teen set, but the show remedied that in 1994 by adding Jessica Forrester, Eric’s niece, to the show’s canvas — and soap opera history. Here’s a look back at the plucky ingenue, played by Maitland Ward.

Swimming Pools, Movie Stars
What began as a summer visit to her aunt Stephanie and uncle Eric turned into a longer stay after Jessica learned that her parents were headed for divorce. Eric and Steph became the violin player’s legal guardians.

Sly Moves
Social-climbing Bikini bartender Sly Donovan set his sights on Jessica. He set out to seduce the innocent young woman with vodka-laced gelatin shots at her birthday party, but Forrester Creations intern Dylan Shaw blocked the bartender’s move. Jessica’s (birth) day was made when Dylan gave her a kiss!

Seeing The Sights
A meddling Stephanie demanded to know who had sent Jessica flowers, but she refused to say they were from Dylan. Next, the Forrester matriarch located condoms in Jess’s bureau. (Uh-oh.)

Dylan was arrested for statutory rape! Jess asked Dylan to run away with her. Stephanie was moved when Dylan brought Jess home instead. Steph spoke on Dylan’s behalf in court. He was found not guilty.

Maggie Dearest
Jess’s life was complicated when her newly divorced mother, Maggie, came to town. Sly spotted Dylan giving Maggie a kiss, not knowing who she was. Around this time, Jessica was diagnosed with diabetes but learned that her condition was manageable with diet and exercise. Her life got tougher after Dylan broke up with her.

Baby, Think It Over!
A stunned Jessica couldn’t believe it when her pal, Jasmine Malone, told her that Sly was planning on getting her pregnant so he could marry into the wealthy Forrester clan. Jess decided to teach Sly a lesson.

She told him that she was carrying his baby following a drunken romp (that never happened) at a party. Next, Jessica provided a mechanical baby (called Baby Think It Over) set to simulate the needs of a true infant.

Like A Phoenix
Jessica reunited with Dylan. Later, she confessed to Sly, who actually cleaned up his act, that she wasn’t really pregnant. He became furious! Later, a masked rapist forced himself on Jessica in an alley.

The rapist had a birthmark that also belonged to Sly! Next, Sly kidnapped Jessica and Jasmine and planned to burn them alive at Bikini. Dylan rescued the women just in time, leaving Sly to presumably perish in the blaze he set.

Bittersweet Farewell
Jessica, never learning that Dylan had once been involved with her mother, went to England to further her education, leaving her life in Los Angeles, including Dylan, behind.

She returned once for her mother’s wedding to James Warwick. Years later, Jessica’s half-sister, Ivy, and her dad, John, came to town, but we haven’t seen Jessica again…yet! The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

Video Credit: CBS

Video Credit: CBS

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