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B&B’s Matthew Atkinson Addresses Thomas’s Role In Emma’s Death

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The Bold and the Beautiful, like all soap operas, has a few unresolved storylines waiting to be re-addressed. Emma Barber, a Forrester intern, who had news of baby Beth being alive, died after her car crashed back in 2019. However, there’s been no justice for Emma. B&B star Matthew Atkinson recently addressed this in an online interview.

Matthew Atkinson’s Thomas Is A Deadly Driver

As fans of the show recall, Thomas desperately wanted to keep quiet the fact that Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) daughter hadn’t died after birth and was living not too far from them as Steffy’s adopted daughter Phoebe. Emma (Nia Sioux) got wind of this news and raced off in her car. Thomas followed in hot pursuit, and next, Emma lost control of her vehicle, crashed the car, and died.


B&B producer Casey Kasprzyk, host of BOLD LIVE, B&B’s in-house YouTube talk show featuring stars from the show, recently invited Atkinson to appear on the program. Rebecca from San Clemente was one of the fans who called with a question. She asked Atkinson a question that’s been nagging at her for nearly three years — why was Thomas never prosecuted for Emma’s death?

Matthew Atkinson Talks Emma’s Death

“I get where you’re coming from,” Atkinson responded. “Why did he not get prosecuted?” Offering up some answers, the actor theorized that perhaps “he and Ridge were able to keep the police from looking in the right place at the same time?”

While it’s clear that Emma’s dead, Atkinson says there is potentially some gray areas when it comes to Thomas’s role in her death. “They never made it clear whether Thomas pushed her [car] off the cliff or if she drove off the cliff because Thomas was chasing her.” (This begs the question of whether or not a jury would see much of a difference as both scenarios directly led to Emma’s death.)

Hope For Thomas Forrester’s Future

Regardless, Atkinson sees story potential in this matter being re-addressed. “It would be interesting if in the future came back to bite Thomas in the butt,” the actor offers. He notes that whether Thomas was at fault or not, it was a bad idea for Emma to be a distracted driver! “It’s a good lesson not to be on the phone while you’re driving,” Atkinson says.

Given what viewers saw — Thomas was chasing after Emma and that led to the crash — the best way to exonerate him for Emma’s ‘death’ would be to reveal that the character is actually alive! B&B has resurrected presumed-dead characters before (Macy Alexander [Bobbie Eakes], Taylor Hayes [Krista Allen]). The surest way to get Matthew Atkinson’s Thomas off the hook would be to bring Emma back to the land of the living!

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