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B&B Spoilers Wild Speculation: Eric Forrester Is Being Poisoned

Is someone close to Eric Forrester the reason he’s taken ill?

b&b spoilers wild speculation with eric forrester.Eric Forrester.

B&B spoilers have shown that Eric Forrester is not in the best of health. But what if it’s not a disease that’s causing him to take a turn but rather a foreign agent that he is unknowingly being given? There’s both good news and bad news if that’s the case.

B&B Spoilers: What’s Causing Eric’s Illness

We’ve seen Eric’s hand tremble, and the patriarch has also coughed up some blood. He and his girlfriend Donna (Jennifer Gareis) met with Dr. Colby (Justin Davis), who said that he was looking at both Cerebrovascular disease and TIA’s (transient ischemic attack, AKA mini-strokes) as reasons for Eric’s illness.

After the newcomer doctor (whom we know nothing about) exited, a passionate Donna fretted to Eric that she was apprehensive about what was wrong with him. She also made it clear that she wants to be the important person in his life. Donna went on to lament that Eric was having his talent taken away from him, calling the loss a “crime.” Interesting choice of words. Maybe it is a crime? Maybe someone is poisoning Eric?

Why It Could Be Poison

A quick Google search shows that nitric acid can lead to stomach bleeding. Also, tremors (which Eric is experiencing) can be caused by exposure to lead, mercury, solvents, and/or pesticides. How could Eric unknowingly be taking in any of those substances? Veteran B&B fans recall Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) swapping out Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) calcium supplements with mercury when the naughty nurse tried to poison the matriarch. But we haven’t seen Sheila drop by the Forrester mansion. She also doesn’t have a motive to want her ex-husband dead.

B&B Spoilers: Who Wants Eric Gone?

We can’t think of anyone on the canvas who’d want Eric bumped off. Police often look to a person’s mate in poisoning cases, but Eric isn’t married. He does have a live-in girlfriend in Donna, and she’s extremely devoted to him. She also has no motive. However, Donna did chastise Eric recently as she wondered where she stood in his life. “I want you to share with me…I want you to realize I’m your person,” Donna proclaimed.

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Could Donna be suffering from a “Savoir Complex” in which she plans to save Eric so he’ll appreciate her more? She’s already vowed to find the best doctors and specialists to help save her “Honey Bear’s” life. How grateful would Eric be towards Donna if she ended up being the one who solves this medical malady? She’d certainly know then where she stands to a grateful Eric.

We Don’t See Eric Exiting Anytime Soon

B&B’s sister soap, Young and the Restless, made the foolish decision to bump off John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) in 2006, and the show was never the same. We can’t see B&B following in Y&R’s footsteps on this one. So revealing that Eric’s being poisoned is a sure path to him getting well (once he stops taking the alleged poison, that is).

It really would be out of character for Donna to try and hurt Eric. There are other people coming and going from the Forrester mansion, which could be poisoning him. Granted, none of them have motives, either. Donna has the most access to Eric. We couldn’t help but notice after an emotional scene between Eric and Donna over his illness, she excused herself to go make them some more tea. Hmm…some more tea. Eric might want to have that tea analyzed at a lab, just in case. After all, he’s got a fashion war with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) to win.

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