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B&B Spoilers Wild Speculation: Bill Has Sheila Doing His Dirty Work

Is Bill Spencer using Sheila Carter as a pawn in a very devious plot?

b&b spoilers speculation bill spencer gets sheila carter to do his dirty work.Could Bill Spencer get Sheila Carter to do his dirty work?

Dollar Bill recently revealed there’s “a reason” he unleashed Sheila, and while B&B spoilers do not indicate why, we have an idea. Is this whole relationship really a ruse, and is the pair working together on a scandalous scheme?

B&B Spoilers Wild Speculation

Bill can tell anyone and everyone that he’s in love with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) until he’s blue in the face, but the truth is out now. He doesn’t love her. Not at all. So, why keep her free? We think we have the answer. We think he’s using her to keep Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) out of sight and out of mind.

B&B: The REAL Reason For This Mess

Hear us out. What if the reason Bill handed Sheila a get-out-of-jail-free card is that it’s in exchange for her kidnapping Ridge? Does she have him locked away like she’s done to so many others? She’s a (former) nurse, so she’ll know how to keep him drugged out of his mind and make sure he’s subdued.

It makes sense considering Ridge is nowhere to be found. Why would he hide away knowing his ex-wives have become best friends? It doesn’t make sense. Ridge would be all up in that friendship. Think about it, when is the last time anyone has seen him in person?

But why? You may ask. To get Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) back, of course! The longer she is away from Ridge, the less she’s going to miss him. Eventually, she’ll decide it’s time to move on. And, when she does, it’ll be perfect timing because someone will need to save Bill from Sheila.

If Bill’s plan goes off without a hitch, Brooke will decide to turn on the charm and seduce him away from his evil lover. She’ll do all the work, and he’ll sit back and roll with the tide. He’ll end up with everything he ever wanted.

Bold and the Beautiful: An Epic Play

What should happen when Ridge escapes? This is where Bill’s genius comes into play. Sheila was the one who took him, the one who held him hostage, and the only face Ridge saw this entire time. All Ridge will know is Sheila was behind it all. Sure, she can scream and holler about Bill being the mastermind, but who will believe her?

Bill will come out of this with the woman, play victim to the She-Devil’s manipulations, and everyone will stand behind him while Sheila gets locked away for years and years to come. Well, as long as his secret never ever comes out. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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