Who Is the Great Love of Sheila Carter on B&B?

For a homicidal maniac Sheila Carter has had her share of boyfriends on B&B.

who is sheila carter's greatest love?Sheila Carter on B&B.

Sheila Carter may fire off a gun without thinking twice and then blame everyone around her on The Bold and the Beautiful. But, she has gotten her share of men to love her anyway over the years.

Sheila Carter: Her True Love

Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) has loved men both in Genoa City, the setting for Young and the Restless, where she once resided, and also in Los Angeles, where she’s lived for years. Which man is the great love of her life? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B viewers.

The Bold and the Beautiful: The Doctor Is Out

There was a time when Sheila was deeply in love with Dr. James Warwick (Ian Buchanan). After kidnapping the inquisitive psychiatrist, Sheila fell madly in love with the good doctor. He convinced her he cared about her so he could win his freedom. There was some magic there as the two conceived a daughter, Mary (AKA Erica). Surprisingly, though, James only scored about 12% of your vote.

Sheila Carter: Doctor’s Wife

The first man Sheila ever fell for (that we saw) was Dr. Scott Grainger (Peter Barton), who worked at Genoa City Memorial and received 21% of your vote. Sure, Scott was married to Lauren but that didn’t stop Sheila from sinking her claws into the handsome doctor. Sadly, Scott died. However, Sheila’s reaction to his death prompted her then-husband Eric (John McCook) to view his wife with new eyes.

Sheila truly loved Eric (John McCook) too, but the only person who supported their union was his ex-wife Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), who wanted Eric otherwise committed so that she (Brooke) could go after Ridge. Eric, who received 23% of your vote, allowed himself to be swayed by his family. Plus, Sheila going over the top by kidnapping James and holding Eric’s loved ones at gunpoint prevented her from attending future fashion shows.

B&B: Two of a Kind

Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) is a bad boy. He’s never done the horrible things that Sheila’s done. However, 44% of you believe that he’s her greatest love. Unlike the other men in Sheila’s life, Deacon knows all about her wicked ways. And he loves her anyway! Sheila needs to grab this man and get him to the altar as soon as possible. He’s a keeper.

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