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Soap Hub Editors Face Off on B&B’s Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester

Two editors go head to head over B&B’s controversial new pairing.

soap hub editors face off over hope logan and thomas forrester.Are Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester end game?

It’s a move that took many Bold and the Beautiful fans by surprise, Hope Logan developed an attraction to her designer — and parental partner in raising Douglas, his father, Thomas Forrester. Of course, that’s the same Thomas who was once obsessed with her. Now fandoms are split over this explosive couple — and so are our Soap Hub editors.

Bold and the Beautiful Editors Take On Thope

While discussing this latest development, Soap Hub colleagues Diane Brounstein and Janet Di Lauro found themselves on opposing sides of this debate. Diane thinks this is the most interesting she’s ever seen Hope (Annika Noelle) be while Janet mourns the ruination of a soap heroine. Here are the arguments each presented.

B&B’s Hope Logan & Thomas Forrester Are Hot

Soaps are many things to many people — an escape, a fantasy, romantic, and even aspirational. That last one is big because it gives people hope for the future (sorry) that someone who has gone down a dark path can really change if they do the work and want to be a better person. If we can’t allow second chances, why do we even bother? Hope saw that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) did the work and wanted to be a better person. And really — who wouldn’t admire that after listening to Liam (Scott Clifton) whine all day long?

Everyone points to Thomas’s behavior as abusive, but Hope has had to put up with Liam’s divided heart and constant waffling for years. He can’t go two seconds without being attached to a woman. But it’s not just Liam who drove Hope to realize she deserves more — seeing her mother, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), put up with scraps from Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) for decades had to have affected her. Hope finally sees that she can have her own second chance — and she’s grabbing it. It’s been exciting to watch her break free and live her best life.

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B&B’s Hope and Thomas Are Not

This coupling can be summed up in three words: just plain wrong. Thomas is the man who let Hope believe her baby daughter, Beth, was dead, sat back silently, and watched her grieve that unspeakable loss for months. He’s the creep who forced his young son, Douglas, to keep the twisted secret. And he’s the vile snake who used Hope’s love for the boy to manipulate his way into her life, preying on her desire to be a mother. The dastardly deeds go on, and they’re all unforgivable.

Since ending things with Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope’s fallen into Thomas’s arms and is having great sex with the man who “only wants to be with her.” Obviously, being obsessed ups his bedroom game, right? Sure, Hope is enjoying her playtime with Thomas, but she deserves better than that miscreant as the people who love her keep telling her – Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Finn (Tanner Novlan), Liam…even Deacon (Sean Kanan). She needs to come to her senses and end things with Thomas because he’ll never be worthy of her. Which editor do you agree with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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