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Douglas Forrester Shunning Liam Spencer Is A Huge B&B Flaw

Liam and Douglas have had a close relationship for years.

Bold and the Beautiful Liam Spencer, Hope, Douglas Forrester

For years, Liam Spencer has been a father figure to Douglas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, the man the child counted on for love, guidance and support, when his biological dad was off scheming, manipulating, and too busy to pay him any mind. Recent events had Douglas doing a 180, and it doesn’t sit right.

Douglas Forrester: Normal Kid Or Simply Ungrateful?

Liam (Scott Clifton) welcomed Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) into his family and nurtured him like a son. In turn, Douglas came to love him, and they forged a strong bond. But recently, the soap has thrown viewers a curve. Suddenly young Douglas is consumed with spending time alone with his bio dad, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), and mother, Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle).

And that’s fine. However, in the process, the boy has lost all affection for his stepfather. The kid walks into a room and walks right past him with no hello or acknowledgment. It’s downright rude, but beyond that, Douglas shunning Liam is a huge story flaw.

No matter how badly Douglas longs for his parents to be together, there’s no reason for him to shift gears regarding his feelings for Liam. There’s no justification for the child mistreating Liam, considering the warm, loving relationship they’ve always had. Liam and Douglas have spent years living under the same roof. They’ve shared wonderful fun times together, so the abrupt switch makes no sense.

It would have been far more interesting if the boy had felt genuinely torn between his two dads. Talented child star Henry Joseph Samiri could have handled Douglas’s struggle; the boy’s innate desire to spend more time with his real dad, while not wanting to hurt Liam, who he’s grown to love.

The kid’s dilemma and inner turmoil would have created a more emotional and interesting storyline. Instead, Douglas is coming off as somewhat bratty and unfeeling, and it’s not a very appealing look for the usually lovable tyke.

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