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The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback: Remember James

The Bold and the Beautiful Wayback- Remember James (Ian Buchanan) 1The Bold and the Beautiful

Throughout soap opera history, daytime serials have required a doctor or two to keep stories moving along. Case in point: James Warwick (Emmy-winner Ian Buchanan) is a psychiatrist and given how conflicted many of the characters on The Bold and the Beautiful feel, he has had plenty to keep him busy!

Father Issues
James came to Los Angeles and asked his former protégé, Taylor, to treat him because of some personal problems. James had issues with his father, Damon, who resented his son because Damon’s wife, James’s mother, died in childbirth.

James, in turn, helped Taylor, who had to deal with Brooke Logan being a presence in her husband Ridge’s life. When an earthquake trapped James (a virgin) and Taylor at the Forrester cabin in Big Bear, the two made love.

James’ Alter-Ego
After Taylor was presumed dead, James came close to marrying Brooke, but Ridge, in his infinite wisdom, told her that she was marrying the wrong man. Following a hunch, James traveled to Morocco, posing as biographer Brewster MacKenzie, believing that Taylor was alive. Taylor decided to come back after her dad, Jack, had a heart attack.

Carter Country
James became suspicious of Eric’s wife, Sheila Carter, who had committed various crimes in Genoa City and also sent therapist Jay Garvin to her death. James was about to reveal Sheila’s wicked past to Eric when Sheila and her buddy Mike kidnapped him and kept him prisoner in Harry Houdini’s former basement.

James faked a romantic interest in Sheila to win his freedom. Later, James was presented when Sheila tried to kill herself by taking some poison. She survived and was later paroled – provided James was the one to treat her!

Past Imperfect
After sharing some dates with Lauren, now living in Los Angeles, James fell for Maggie Forrester. James felt sympathy for Sheila after she shared that she’d been abused and also after she’d been impaled by a fire poker during a struggle with Maggie. Sheila tried to break up James and Maggie’s marriage by saying she was pregnant by James!

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Fake Marriage
James annulled his marriage to Maggie so he could wed Sheila as a ruse to get custody of his daughter, Mary. Sheila fell off a roof in her bridal gown. James, realizing he’d developed real feelings for Sheila, tried to make a go of their family.

James rescued Sheila after a jealous Mike had kidnapped her. Sheila regressed, shot Stephanie, and then ran away. James got a letter for Sheila asking him to no longer search for her. Later, he left town to search for them.

The Truth Comes Out
A few years later, Massimo Marone hired James to help Brooke, who was grappling between spending her future with either of his sons, Ridge and Nick. During this time, Taylor confessed to Ridge about the long-ago infidelity with James in the cabin. James counseled Taylor and Brooke, separately and individually, as dramas in their lives unfolded.

House Call
Eric called James for help after Sheila returned to Los Angeles and had gotten into a fight with Eric’s new wife Quinn. Sheila, however, had learned from Mary that James had written illegal painkillers to himself.

Sheila leveraged that information against her former lover to make sure he told Eric that Sheila needed more time to get well. James then vanished from the scene. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Bld-Btf, Dec 9 1996, Full ep. with Ian Buchanan as Dr. James Warwick - Upload 003

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