DAYS’ Arianne Zucker and Greg Vaughan Weigh In On Ericole’s Future

Eric and Nicole are true star-crossed lovers on DAYS.

Days of our Lives Nicole and Eric Arianne Zucker and Greg Vaughan

There is a term in romantic fiction known as ‘OTP’ (AKA ‘One True Pairing’). Do Eric Brady and Nicole Walker, despite finding love and marriage with others, qualify as each other’s ultimate destiny? Their portrayers, Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker, recently chatted with Soap Hub about this very topic.

Eric Brady and Nicole Walker Bring the Drama

Eric and Nicole may not be getting back together anytime soon as Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) is pregnant with his child. But one thing viewers can count on are the sparks flying between Vaughan and Zucker whenever their characters are in the same room as evidenced by the recent emotional dialogues they’ve shared.

“Anytime I have emotional scenes with Greg, it’s so truthful and from the heart,” Arianne Zucker tells Soap Hub. “I definitely always go there as an actress but with Greg, there’s something in his eyes that allows me to connect with him. When I work with him, it’s so automatic. We’ve been friends for a long time, and there’s a huge amount of trust there. It’s very special. I feel very fortunate to have emotional scenes with him.”

“I’m very proud of Ari,” Vaughan adds. “It’s very much what she says. I feel very fortunate to come into this realm and work with someone as talented as she is. There’s such a trust between us. It comes so easy for us.”

‘We Only Part to Meet Again’

Nobody likes to see Eric leave the canvas but when the character does take a break is when Nicole usually makes decisions that take her life in an unlikely direction. When Eric returns, he and Nicole appear to be as in love as they ever were and further apart than before. “When I come back I realize there’s always so much more to explore,” Vaughan says. “It’s nice to step away and then [come back] and see what kind of trouble Nicole has stirred up.”

It’s safe to say that DAYS fandom would love to see Nicole be happy one day. She’s had her share of times when she’s gotten so close to getting everything she wants only to have fate step in and kick her to the curb.

“I love this character so much,” Arianne Zucker says of her DAYS alter-ego. “She’s had a lot of growth in her life. Before she was a reactor, not a responder. She’d react, and apologize later. Now, she tries to do the right thing…I appreciate that fans notice that she has this hint of sadness around her. It’s because she’s never fully healed herself and has always wanted love.”

Eric Brady and Nicole Walker – More to Play

Fortunately, Eric is never very far from Salem and the show has a habit of having him return to the canvas when his presence will have the most impact. “Albert [Alarr, executive producer,] called me and said they have this [story] with the exorcism,” Vaughan recalls about one of the times he reprised his role. “It was interesting and a nice introduction back onto the show. Then, Eric found out what he’d been missing in life. It’s why he’s making changes in his life.”

Arianne Zucker says that Eric and Nicole had an exchange that, sadly, best described their dynamic. Nicole observed that when she’s with Eric, she’s the best version of herself. Alas, the same can’t be said about him when he’s with Nicole.

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