Exclusive Interview: The Bold and the Beautiful Star Courtney Hope On Life Away From Soaps

Courtney Hope is red hot as Sally on The Bold and the Beautiful and apparently has been able to keep her life is perfect condition these many months way from the set. Just days from returning to tape at the CBS Studios, she shares with SoapHub what she’s been up to, and who she’s been up to it with — hint — her boyfriend is General Hospital star Chad Duell (Michael).

Courtney Hope Talks About Life

What have you been surprised to learn about yourself during the quarantine?
I have learned so many things during quarantine, as I feel many people have. Spending so much time alone, with distractions eliminated, proved to be something of a necessity for me. I learned how many things I DON’T need to be doing every day to be happy and fulfilled. I like to do a lot, but sometimes that can be very stressful, and it was very wonderful to set priorities in place in terms of what I want to do versus what I feel I need to do. I also learned about things I love, like fitness and wellness, and how I can keep them of importance in my life and also discover deeper avenues of both.

Have you made it a point to watch The Bold and the Beautiful classic episodes – have you seen anything you wish you’d been a part of?
I have watched a few. I always love seeing where the characters have progressed from at different stages in their life. I always visualize what it would have been like to be a part of some of the extravagant weddings or fashion shows that is prominent on the show. As always though, I love the depth of a good story, so I crave opportunities to be a part of those whenever I see them played out in front of me.

What other television shows do you never miss?
The Bold Type is such a staple of a show for me. Its current relevance with so many social issues is so enlightening, inspiring, and entertaining. I really am obsessed with the female empowerment, vulnerability, and adventures of the three main cast as well as their constant fights for justice, truth, individuality, and acceptance. I find it very relatable and I just want to be a part of that world. I also love catching up on the latest documentaries, comedies, and my other shows when they are in season.

You’ve stayed very active during the shut down – what motivates you?
How it makes me feel. I do not feel good being stagnant. Not only mentally and emotionally, but my body physically hurts if I am sedentary too long. I really love movement, it is a form of self-expression and therapy to me.

What have you missed most by staying around your home?
Seeing my loved ones face to face and traveling. Both of those things are very important to me, and it has proved to be very hard. But as far as my family and friends, thank goodness for the internet and FaceTime because I at least can see them to some extent. The traveling has been something I have greatly missed, but it did allow Chad, my mom, and me to road trip together to Arizona as opposed to fly, which was something fun we’ve never done as a trio.

What co-stars have you kept in close touch with?
Many of them! I am fortunate to have so many people I enjoy working with that I missed!

What was your favorite television show as a kid?
I was a huge Disney and Nickelodeon kid, so basically either of those channels was always on when I had the remote. I loved Boy Meets World, Smart Guy, Rugrats, Spongebob, etc. I also LOVED Bob Villa and would watch him every day when I got home because I loved watching him remodel houses. This led me to love Home Improvement!

Is there a TV show you always watched as a family?
Home Improvement we watched a lot as a family actually. My parents liked Tim Allen with them being from Detroit and the car world, I loved Johnathan Taylor Thomas and thought everyone was so funny on that show.

What is the last gift you’ve bought for yourself?
A new notebook to write in. I love to write and it was time for a new one.

What is your favorite meal that you prepare?
I love all of the salads that I make. I am obsessed with salads and I always mix it up and it excited me. Haha, that may seem strange, but it is true.

Are you a great cook?
I CAN cook, I don’t like to if I am being honest. Thank goodness Chad loves to cook and get creative. We split making meals, but I like it better when he cooks hah.

If you were throwing a dinner party for six – who would be on your dream guest list?
My best friends, my family, or friends I haven’t seen in a while. The best guests are the people that I love because it is so sacred to me.

What’s for dinner tonight?
A quinoa, avocado, carne asada salad, with pepitas and an italian vinaigrette.

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