Exclusive Interview: General Hospital Star William deVry On Being Back

Production came to a halt on General Hospital last spring as the spread of the coronavirus pandemic shut down production in California. The show returned in August and now William deVry (Julian) shares what it’s been like to be back.

William deVry On Being Back

How has your work at General Hospital changed the most since the return?
More rules! And there are people I still have not seen at work. We do testing whether we work or not. It’s a challenge for everyone, but we do it for each other – not for ourselves.

How have you held up during COVID-19?
I’ve held up pretty well. I enjoyed being home all that time with Rebecca [Staab, ex-Elizabeth Barrington, Port Charles]. She’s gone now filming a movie in Winnipeg, then she’s off right after that wrap to shoot another movie for Netflix. To me, that’s been harder. Having her away. But I’ve got too much to do here to think about anything else. Five dogs – and keeping them happy and healthy. Five cats. Taking care of the house, study GH material, workout, laundry, shopping. Housework. Sleeping. Trying to keep up with other demands. Cooking healthy meals. Actually go to work for hours each day. It’s a LOT of work.

Was the first day back like the first day of school?
Well, I wouldn’t exactly compare a world pandemic to the first day of school.

Did you have fun with your friends in the General Hospital cast like usual, or were you all more subdued and distracted?
It’s taken everyone a few weeks to find a happy medium ground to all the rules and regulations making it possible to enjoy the time here.

When is the last time you’ve had your hair so long?
It’s been a while! I’d say when I did the comedy InSecurity in 2010.

What are you most looking forward to when things get back to normal?
Going to eat inside a restaurant and ordering a nice cocktail while sitting at the bar. Seeing the fans again. Hugging everyone I see!

Have you found any new hobbies or projects to work on during this time?
Not really. I’ve just enjoyed a few new – old – TV shows on Netflix and other streaming services.

What was your last fun night out, before it all came crashing down?
In New York City, a fan dinner in the village for Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation — a fun time.

What have you learned about yourself, these past few months?
Retirement looks promising!

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