Exclusive Interview: Eden McCoy Reacts To Daytime Emmy Nomination

General Hospital Eden McCoyGeneral Hospital Eden McCoy

Soap Hub recently caught up with General Hospital star Eden McCoy (Josslyn) for a quick chat during quarantine. From her reaction to her Daytime Emmy nomination to working with the amazing GH cast to her favorite TV binges, learn more about the fascinating actress!

Eden McCoy Exclusive Interview

Congratulations on your Daytime Emmy nomination – everyone is so happy for you. How did you find out you were nominated?
Thank you so much! I wasn’t paying close attention that morning because I assumed I didn’t have a chance at a nomination once I heard they combined men and women into the same category. My mom and I were in Laguna Beach dropping something off and my phone started to blow up with sweet messages about it so that’s how I found out! It took the rest of the day for the shock to wear off!

Your second Daytime Emmy nomination in a row –  if you weren’t convinced you’d arrived last year,  this must confirm it!
I will never be convinced that I’ve arrived. Honestly, though this second nomination is even more special given how impossible the category was this year. There are SO MANY talented male and female actors in that category who had beautiful work- so just to even be considered feels like a win.

Which actors reached out to you first?
Oh gosh, our cast is so close and supportive of each other, I’m pretty sure everyone reached out to each other! I got messages right away from Laura [Wright, Carly], Wes [Ramsey, Peter], Ingo [Rademacher, Jax], Steve [Burton, Jason], Tamara [Braun, ex-Kim], William Lipton [Cam], Nancy [Lee Grahn, Alexis], Jackie [Zeman, Bobbie], Katelyn [MacMullen, Willow], Hayley Erin [ex-Kiki], Chloe [Lanier, Nelle], Brooklyn [Rae Silzer, Emma], Parry [Shen, Brad], Marc [Anthony Samuel, Felix], our executive producer, Frank Valentini …I’m probably forgetting to mention some because I was in such a state of shock.

One of the big omissions this year was certainly your General Hospital mom; were you shocked Laura Wright wasn’t nominated as well?
Laura personifies acting excellence at ALL times, so I 100% expect her to be nominated for everything possible! But I also understand that her category is extraordinarily competitive, and I know that she has the utmost respect and love for the women that were honored this year. Laura is a loving and generous person who truly celebrates the success of her peers – that’s one of the qualities I love and admire the most about her!

Did you congratulate any of your category peers? Do you know them all?
Yes! I am thrilled that Katelyn MacMullen’s amazing work was recognized – she is incredibly talented and, like Laura, she’s such a generous, authentic human. I also absolutely adore Olivia Rose Keegan [Claire, Days of our Lives], and we reached out to congratulate each other as well! I’m just sad we won’t all get to be together at the event to support each other!

William Lipton was nominated this year in the best song category – are you secretly shocked you weren’t nominated for your singing at the Nurses Ball?
There aren’t enough adjectives to properly describe William Lipton’s talent. His nominated song North Star is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard! It’s not fair that he can be so gifted at acting AND songwriting AND singing!! Plus he is the kindest human being on earth. And the only reason my singing voice sounds remotely acceptable is because of the arranging and editing skills of our brilliant Musical Director Paul Glass. He is an absolute genius.

Did you have a difficult time deciding what shows to submit this year?
I’m incredibly lucky that there were many beautiful, heartbreaking scenes our writers scripted that included Joss. At the beginning of January, I spent a lot of time going over and over my reel selections and trying to narrow it down, and then one of our producers told me to just go with my gut feelings about it and try not to overthink it. That was good advice and that’s exactly what I did.

What scenes/storyline did you decide on?
Scenes with Laura Wright and Leslie Charleson [Monica] in the hospital when Joss finds out Oscar [Garren Stitt] is in his last days; the scene on the stairs with Ned [Wally Kurth], right after Oscar dies; a scene where I’m talking to Oscar on his bed after he’s just passed, a scene where Joss is speaking to Jax and telling him about Oscar’s last moments alive; and then the speech Joss gives at Oscar’s memorial. The speech Joss gave is my favorite part of my reel – the sentiment in her words was so beautiful – our writers are heartbreakers.

What have you learned about yourself these past few months at home?
That I’m not a bad cook! I’ve been helping out in the kitchen, trying new recipes, even making creative salads!

Favorite thing about being a world-class volleyball player?
Being outside in the sunshine with my feet in the sand for hours a day – and getting to know my amazing coaches and the girls who are my partners and my competition.

We know, because of the Nurses Ball, you can sing – would you like to record your own CD?
Thank you so much, but I definitely don’t consider myself a singer…if I sounded okay at the Nurses Ball that’s only because we have genius music producers and editors at GH!

What’re three songs you can’t go without hearing too often?
City of Blinding Lights by U2, Tiny Dancer by Elton John, Come As You Are by Nirvana

What big star would you love to star with in a movie now?
Margot Robbie, because her range is incredible and her work ethic is everything. She gives us blondes a good name!

What is your best quality as a daughter?
I hate to disappoint my parents, so I try never to do anything that would.

What’s the last gift that you bought for yourself?
A pair of vintage Nike Air Jordan 1’s.

What is the best advice your parents have given you?
To never ever cheat on anything, no matter what.

Favorite way to spend the weekend?
Hanging out with friends grabbing coffee, lunch, whatever. Just being together is the best.

What TV show would fans be surprised you never miss?
I am loving Ozark!

What other riveting television do you watch?
Entourage – I just binged all eight seasons.

What is the one vacation spot you can’t wait to visit?
Greece. It feels like a world from another time, and I’ve been obsessed with Greek mythology lately. The ocean and the hillsides have an ancient beauty about them.

What’s your favorite summer activity?
Being outside in the water – it doesn’t matter if it’s the pool or the ocean!

Who is the most famous person you’ve met?
Christopher Walken. We met at the Tribeca Film Festival a few years ago – both of us had films being screened and we were invited to the same photo call session. I was terrified, but he was so kind.

Who makes Eden McCoy laugh?
I have some really funny friends, but I cannot look at Will Ferrell without laughing.

Favorite TV show when you were a little kid?
Peep and the Big Wide World.

Favorite workout activity?
I like doing Alexis Ren’s online workout videos – my whole body burns after.

How do you think you most make your parents proud?
I think they’re proud of me no matter what I do, but I do think they are extra proud that I’ve managed to hold a demanding job and still get straight A’s from Marlborough. I’m pretty sure I surprised them. Ha!

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