Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Soap Veteran Kassie DePaiva

This Sunday, October 4 at 4 p.m. ET, soap viewers will get a chance, despite COVID restrictions, to interact with Kassie DePaiva. The fan-favorite will be doing a free Q&A live on Facebook and Youtube — and you can find out how to attend at In addition, she’ll be offering one-on-one video chats with fans on ZOOM, autographs, and video messages. The beloved star also spoke with Soap Hub Insider about her glorious soap past.

Exclusive Interview: Kassie DePaiva

Is there anyone whose work you admire that you tried to be on set to watch them during their scenes?
There are many wonderful actors that I had the pleasure of working with. Fortunately, we were called to set a scene before our scenes were shot… Therefore, I was able to watch many performances of my coworkers prior to doing my scenes. Also, there is a live monitor in each dressing room so we could watch dress rehearsals and taping if we so desired.

Who was the most fun to hang out with on set and why?
When you’re on set working there is not a lot of room for a lot of hanging out or having leisurely fun. Of course, there are fantastic moments that happen naturally. I thoroughly enjoyed working with all my costars male and female. I would say that Missy Reeves [Jennifer] and I had the biggest laughs after our big catfights.

If you’re on set during a meal break, who would we find you eating with and where would you be?
If there was a lunch break in your scenes had not been rehearsed, you were scheduled to be on set during your lunch break. The majority of time, when you wanted to hang out with someone, it was in the morning prior to taping.

Did you always feel you had a handle on your character — and if not, was there an a-ha moment? What was it?
Eve was a very complicated character. She was emotionally damaged and scarred by the death and violent murder of her teenage daughter. It was very easy to justify most of her crazy schemes.

Which character do you think was the best romantic match for Eve?
I don’t think she has found her best match yet. I wish that they had developed more of Eduardo and Eve’s relationship. I also feel they missed the boat with Justin and Eve as well. But I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eric Martsolf [Brady] and Matt Ashford [Jack].

What do you think was your character’s most challenging moment?
Having to say goodbye to her daughter.

What do you think was your character’s greatest moment?
I don’t think Eve had great moments. She had revealing moments… Painful moments… And determined moments.

Are you a fan of anyone else’s work on another soap? If so, who and why?
I’ve been so fortunate to have had such a long career in daytime television. I loved creating the role of Chelsea Reardan on the Guiding Light. I learned a great deal about myself and acting during that time of my life. One Life To Live was an incredible 20-year span.

I met my husband and had a child during that time. And Days of our Lives was a gift. After One Life To Live, I did not think I was going to be doing any more soap opera work because all the soap operas were in Los Angeles. But what was scheduled to last two years was spread out over six. I loved each show for many many reasons. I’m grateful to the fans for following me to each show and for their continued support.

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