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Soap Operas, Take Me Away! Do Fans Miss Shows Going On Location?

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Once upon a time, Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) went to New Orleans and Hawaii. General Hospital (GH) went to Puerto Rico and British Columbia. The Young and the Restless (YR) went to Bermuda and Malibu.

Now, The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) is one of the few shows still carrying the on-location banner, with shoots in Australia, Paris, Amsterdam, and their producers’ home(s) in LA.

Do fans miss the days of exotic locales? Here’s what over 14,000 of you had to say about it!

The Where, Why, and How
Location shooting is welcome, caution 44% of you… as long as there’s a good reason for the trek. Tom and Erica honeymooning in St. Croix on All My Children, Ryan’s Hope going to Ireland, even One Life To Live traveling to Arizona’s Old West made sense because the location was a key piece of the story.

Erica (Susan Lucci) would want to go somewhere exotic to be adored and pampered, the Ryans were proudly Irish, and cowboy Clint (Clint Ritchie) was an established horseman.

But sometimes, it seems like shows just go because they got a tax break. And, at that point, the location is a mere distraction.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Pretty Places
Bring on the distractions, cheer an aesthetic 40%! It’s always nice to get out of the studio and those same three walls, even if it’s to follow some teens around various U.S. colleges, the way As The World Turns did, or Capitol’s fictional, Middle East principality.

Guiding Light’s final year of shooting almost exclusively on location received mixed reviews, but at least it also shook things up a bit!

Stay Inside
Those side trips rarely made sense, diffuse a contrary 14%. Why was Santa Barbara suddenly in Moscow? Plus the lighting never matched up with what was shot indoors, the wind made it hard to hear and, let’s be honest, it just didn’t look like the soaps you know and love. Stay in the studio!

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