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Soap Fans Sound Off About Teen Scene and Summer Storylines!

Soap Opera Summer StorylinesSoap Opera Summer Storylines

Summers on soap operas traditionally bring thrilling adventures and romance, and oh yes, a beefed up teen scene!

While many parts of summertime storylines, fans seem to love, at least one aspect doesn’t appeal to fans according to a recent Soap Hub poll!

Can it With The Teens!
Although historically, the summery teen scene has drawn in a new generation of diehard viewers, today’s fans are less than thrilled with the increase in teenage angst they’re seeing.

Whether it’s all the new teens on The Young and the Restless (YR) like the shockingly SORAS’d Ashby twins, the younger Forresters and Spectras on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) or the ho-hum teenaged drama on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), you’re simply not feeling it. In fact, only 2% of you want to even see these younger characters on screen during the hotter months.

In 2017, these stories are nothing like the ones that drew so much attention back in the 80s and 90s, and you’re tired of suffering through them.

Bring on the Romance!
A full 60% of you want to see loads more romance this summer (just not with teens). Perhaps you want to see a Sonny and Carly reunion on General Hospital (GH) or an interesting new pair up (Kate and Andre?) or old lovers reunite on DAYS.

You are ready to see the doom and gloom blow away for some bright and happy long family nights.

Thrilling Adventures!
A full 38% of you want to see some exciting adventures to beef up interest this summer. You think that compelling enough storylines can bring in new viewers while kids are out of school.

Lately, soaps haven’t included adventures like they did a few decades back, and you want to see storylines like Luke and Laura saving the world from icy death on GH!

While this year DAYS has a deserted island storyline (again), you’re not certain it actually qualifies for adventure — yet! For you, the more adventure the better!

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