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You Pick Your Absolute Most-Missed Classic Soaps!!!

This writer remembers covering soaps when there were about a dozen on the air and now there are just four. While it’s surely easier to keep up, it still feels a bit nostalgic when we think about the shows we once watched and will always miss.

Soap Hub asked which soap or soaps you’d take back in a heartbeat and the results were both revealing and nostalgic.

Take Me Away To Another World
NBC’s Another World took first place with 32% of the vote. When the network canceled this soap after 35 years, we were lost. No longer would we see the saga of Rachel Davis Frame Cory Hutchins (Victoria Wyndham) and her family. Bay City felt like home to us and for this writer, it was especially bittersweet as the first soap she ever watched.

Those Pennsylvania Towns
Tying for second place were ABC’s One Life to Live with 20% of the vote each. Both soaps were canceled just months apart and when they left the airwaves, General Hospital became the last soap on the network.

The production company Prospect Park tried to revive both shows online, but they didn’t last long. Now, ABC owns the rights to them again and we got a treat this year when OLTL’s Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) made a GH appearance.

The Oldest Soaps Around
Third place gave us another tie with Guiding Light and As The World Turns garnering 10% of the vote each. These two CBS soaps were also canceled around the same time, leaving the network with only sister soaps The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Big Hair and The 80s
Finally, NBC’s short-lived (relative to the other soaps on this list) Santa Barbara got 7% of the vote.

This quirky soap about rich families in a Southern California town gave us the supercouple sensation Cruz and Eden and won several Emmys, despite never getting out of the ratings basement. Still, some soap fans miss it and want it back.

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