Respect for Primetime Shows vs. Soap Operas!

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For networks, primetime is king, but soap operas certainly have a devoted and incredibly loyal fanbase. With changing viewership habits, sometimes people don’t even watch the evening lineup at night.

No doubt, networks consider soaps “less than” when it comes to programming and budgets, but should they? Soap Hub asked, and you let your voices be heard!

Out of thousands of votes, the overwhelming majority, 94% believe that sudsers deserve the same respect as primetime offerings. With only four soaps left, you want to see Days of Our Lives (DOOL), The Young and the Restless (YR), General Hospital (GH), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), get the respect you feel they deserve.

This beloved dramatic genre didn’t survive for more than 80 years for no reason, and you want to see networks treat them with the recognition befitting their legacy. Perhaps if networks held daytime drama in higher esteem, things would pick up with viewership and ad dollars.

Whatever the reason, you think these multi-generational serials deserve a lot of appreciation with all the planning and budgeting that goes along with it.

Daytime is Primetime’s Stepping Stone
However, there are a tiny 6% of you who don’t feel daytime and primetime are equal. For you, this genre is a stepping stone for even greater things for actors like Justin Hartley (ex-Adam, YR) and so many others over the years.

You love watching and discovering or “knowing” new talent before they become household names. Plus, you probably love the stories that sudsers have told over the years. Even so, you know that networks make more money in primetime when more people are home and watching.

You certainly don’t want soaps disrespected, but you also don’t feel the timeslots deserve equal respect — one is obviously more valuable than the other.

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