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THIS Lady Tops The List Of Soaps’ Greatest 21st Century Vixen!

Soap Opera VixenSoap Opera Vixen

While you may root for the sweet girl to get the man of her dreams on soaps, let’s face it: It’s the vixen who keeps them interesting.

Just look back at soap history and you’ll see that it’s true. What would Steve and Alice have been on Another World if Rachel hadn’t made their lives a living hell? Boring, that’s what!

You knew life would never be boring with All My Children’s Erica Kane on hand to stir things up for poor Brooke. And while fans loved Viki, it was Dorian — the yin to her yang — that kept Viki from being too stuffy.

Today’s shows are no different. They have some terrific vixens who keep life interesting on their respective shows, but Soap Hub wanted to know which one was your favorite — and here are the results!

Too Bad To Stay Dead
Blowing almost all of the ladies out of the water with 64% of the over 13,000 votes was Vivian (Louise Sorel) from Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Her schemes over the decades have been legendary. Sure, she may have finally paid the ultimate price but then again… it looks like she got some of Dr. Rolf’s magic potion to live to scheme another day.

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The Art of the Doublecross
Ava (Maura West) on General Hospital (GH) has proven there’s no such thing as too low to stoop when she used Sonny’s father, who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, to blackmail her nemesis for joint custody their daughter. That’s why 23% voted for Ava.

Eeeeevil Woman
For 11%, they broke the mold on baddies when they made Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) back on The Young and the Restless. She was so bad, one show couldn’t contain her. Which brings us to…

Reform School Dropout
Quinn (Rena Sofer) was terrorizing much of Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful until she fell in love with Eric Forrester.

Everyone thought she was the worst — until Eric’s ex, Sheila, made Quinn look good by comparison. No matter — 2% still think Quinn deserves top honors.

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